Those who lack kindness or compassion, and who are unable to make progress in life, invariably have poor quality Wood elements. This article provides enough information for each of the element personality groups for you to discover which element group you belong to. Wood element personalities are all action explorers with a social consciousness. It has also been the male ideal personality, and increasingly for women as well. Characteristics of energy that are aligned with the natural representations of wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Have you felt like your home doesn't really reflect who you are anymore? Wood provides the push for growth, like a sprout bursts forth from the hard surface of the ground to expand upward and onward. They feel most content when they are traveling in some way. Wood Element Yoga Food and drinks are one of the easiest ways to balance our elements as they stimulate our organs directly and can act as a medicine. It is also the energy of the element Wood. Wood. Males are very manly while females are also a little masculine. The characteristics of Yang Wood are upright, steady, unyielding, stubborn, and benevolent. After a quiet time during the winter months, all of a sudden there is movement and change. This chart can be used in Feng Shui setup, color/material, or personality traits. Emotions that correspond to Wood harmony are expression, independence, kindness, forgiveness, patience, thoughtfulness, foresight, self-expansion, and identity. Spring is the beginning of the seasonal cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings. The Wood element is associated with negative feelings of anger, and positive feelings of patience and altruism. A person ruled by this element is calm by nature and seeks harmony and tranquillity. And all along, invisibly, wood produces the oxygen without which we couldn’t live. Wood is the element of birth, creativity, longevity and wisdom. 8 or 9, you are an earth element. Here they are, in a nutshell. To find out the Chinese zodiac birth element which is associated with you … Wood. Wood is yang/masculine in character. Just as a tree grows, the wood element personality has the ability to grow and to create change. The wood is one that seeks always to grow and expand. The theory outlines the relationship between the different elements in nature and the life force, or “qi,” that flows through them. Your Feng Shui Archetype represents your innermost qualities and the way you express yourself in the world. However, most of us have a dominant element. For example, Add more wood elements to generate the fire element. Wood is the first phase of Wu Xing.Wood is the lesser yang character of the Five elements, giving birth to Fire.It stands for springtime, the east, the planet Jupiter, the color green, windy weather, and the Azure Dragon (Qing Long) in Four Symbols. Is the Wood Monkey really that empathetic. Each of those can then be split into five elements - Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. These people are very organised and logical. Practitioners of feng shui will talk about each of the five elements as having a signature of chi. In the past, doctors used to describe people who were irritable as liverish, which shows that not just the eastern peoples were clued into these observations. It is the leader within us, that can take charge and determine a plan of action. The Feng Shui Wood Personality. It stands for springtime, the east, the planet Jupiter, the color green, windy weather, and the Azure Dragon (Qing Long) in Four Symbols. But one element predominates within you — the one that corresponds to your personal Archetype.. Here are some interesting ways to identify if you are a wood type and exhibit signs of a Wood Personality type. Wood type people are often aggressive or assertive, direct, and can have a strong temper and a lot of drive. Good-luck Gifts to a Person in His/Her Zodiac Year, Eight Buddhist Protector Deities of 12 Zodiac Signs, The Strongest Points of Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs. Yin Wood is related to grass, vine, flower, tiny plant or tender plant. Personality: People born in the Year of the Rat with Fire element are frank and outspoken when facing friends and lovers, but they may offend others unconsciously. Wood Element personality. They channel their visionary energy to manifest in specific projects and are instinctively focused on expansion and steady growth. Wood Element personality. The balanced wood personality is “confident, assertive, bold, ambitious, competitive, powerful, direct, committed, and decisive.” Wood element personalities tend to be ambitious and are explorers. Wood-type people always make others feel they are generals. 2 or 3, you are a water element. As incredible humans, we are ever-growing, ever-changing creations. Wood Element. 6 or 7, you are a fire element. They can be inflexible, irritable and nervous. And use the water element to control the fire. If they get married with the compatible water types, however, they will have a happy love and marriage and benefit the bodies of both sides. Yin Wood people should work in a profession where they love the product or service because they enjoy bringing them to customers and making them happy with high quality things. However, they tend to talk about monotonous topics with warped views. They often offend and contradict the leadership, never obey others easily. Whether it is ravelling around the global or on an introspective journey of the inner self the Wood personality will be happiest. Imagine a roaring fire and you will have some idea of what kind of person is a Fire … The predominant attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. The Feng Shui Wood Personality. Whether it is traipsing around the global or on an introspective journey of the inner self the Wood personality will be happiest. Characteristics of the Wood Dragon: 1964 Are you prepared for 2021? The Wood element Meaning and personality of the Wood element. Balanced Wood: Confident and intuitive, patient and able to express emotions as they arise. It has also been the male ideal personality, and increasingly for women as well. If your Wood element is too excessive, these, for example, are probably professions which it would be good to avoid. However it was in the east that’s a deep and complex understanding deveolped, which today is helping us to heal and cure  sicknesses and undesirable behaviour through energy and other natural healing methods. Its tendency is acid. In Chinese philosophy, wood (Chinese: 木; pinyin: mù), sometimes translated as Tree, is the growing of the matter, or the matter's growing stage. People who have a good heart, a positive outlook on life and those who are progressive in nature, have good quality Wood elements in their chart. Feng Shui personality types are based on the Five Elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) They All Have Different Triggers. The following lifestyle, sports/activities, foods, careers are recommended to help you increase the strength of your Wood element. General Element Profile : Wood is an element associated with beauty, harmony and creativity. When the liver is out of balance, a person can be very stubborn and become literally a ‘stick in the mud’ type of person, who finds it hard to uproot themselves and adapt to changes. Wealth When it comes to money, Yin Wood people sometimes lack financial planning, especially if they lack the metal element … One quality of the Wood element is leadership. You are a highly confident and motivated person! This site uses cookies, by continuing using the website you are agreeing to our cookie policy: Time of year: Spring (February and March), Natural form: Trees, grass, plants, flowers, forest, park, jungle, garden, Natural accessories: Jade, green gemstones, wooden beads, Man-made: Books, magazines, wooden furniture, wooden door, wooden instruments, clothes, Weak or non-existing Wood: Anger, Impatience, Resentment, Nervousness, Stress, Wood related businesses (Timber, plants, furniture). Meanwhile, wood people follow the rules and work seriously; love criticism, landscapes, outing, music, swimming and fishing, etc. 6 or 7, you are a fire element. The Fire Type. What Your Chinese Element Means Wood. You can use this chart to enhance or reduce certain elements. Wood is the first phase of Wu Xing. There are five elements in the Chinese Zodiac: Water, Metal, Wood, Fire, and Earth What are the personality traits of the Metal sign? The key lesson for wood is to express oneself and allow growth with patience and compassion and fully accepting themselves exactly as they are. This kind of behaviour and personality indicates the onset of liver disease if the person is not ready change and learn and thus heal their liver. Are you an excitable Fire person, an upstanding Wood element or a mentally astute Metal? Since woods always grow upward, wood-type people tend to be energetic and lucky. Wood-type people are prone to poor eyesight, yellowish white of the eye, flat feeling in the mouth, headache, chest distress, palpitation, neuralgia, hepatopathy, cystipathy, hernia, irregular menstruation, trance, depression, arthritis, and tumour.

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