The "House of Stathopoulo" has played a central role in every great musical era from the mandolin craze of the early 1900s to jazz age guitars of the 1920s; from swing era archtops through post-war pop, jazz, R&B, and early rock n' roll; and from the "British Invasion" to heavy metal, punk, grunge, and thrash. $699.00. Epiphone has taken three of its classic designs from the late '50s, and updated them for 2020. Trusted & Established Brand with High Quality Craftsmanship, Affordable versions of flagship Gibson models, Iconic designs with unique shape and finish, A huge selection of archtop, acoustic and electric guitars, All Inclusive Pack Designed for Beginners, Very Affordable Guitar Bundle – Includes Custom Slash Designed Accessories, Mahogany Body and Attractive Appetite Amber Finish, Bundle includes 3 Slash Signature Dunlop Picks & Slash Snaekpit Amp, Great for Beginners, Perfect for Slash and Guns ‘n’ Roses fans, Suited for: Beginners, Students, Light Stage Use, Jamming. Epiphone Les Paul … It comes equipped with .10-0.46 strings and the action and intonation out of the box are playable with minor adjustments required to accommodate individual preference. The ambidextrous design makes it possible for left-handed players to use it after they restring the guitar. Dimensions 10" x 12 5/8" 3) Norlin/Gibson Epiphone. $359.00 MSRP: $459.00. The Les Paul Special is both special in name and nature, as it’s the only model to be fixed up with two soapbar P90 pickups and an eye-catching TV yellow finish. Bay Watch Post Epiphone finds listed on Ebay, Craigslist, and other third-party sites. There can be no better approval for a guitar after three members of The Beatles buy and use it. Even new guitarists will struggle to find something to complain about on this one. Epiphone SG Special Guitar Neck Loaded Black . The size is smaller (roughly three quarters) and the fit is more comfortable. 2001 Epiphone Guitar and Bass and Catalog - 24 Pages. $1,219.00 MSRP: $1,579.00. Traynor/Hughes & Kettner. Though these are no longer produced in America, many of these are assembled in  the USA where they setup after they go through a series of high quality to ensure that each instrument lives up to the brands promise of excellence. Epiphone at NAMM 2020 - 1959 Les Pauls, New Prophecy Guitars & More! When you make a worthy representation of a Gibson Classic at a tenth of the price, you’ve got yourself a winner. 2 Finish Options . Gold Tone. The only thing missing is an inbuilt tuner but there a lot of clip-on tuners on the market that can easily remedy this issue. Time and again they have surprised us with instruments that have redefined and raised our notions of quality and value. The DR 100 is indubitably one of Epiphone’s best selling acoustic guitars and for all the right reasons. 2003 Epiphone … The Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack is an all-inclusive package for beginners and intermediate guitar players. Product Code EPIPHONE-2020-LIMITED-EDITION-JOE-BONAMASSA-LES-PAUL-CUSTOM-BLACK-BEAUTY-STANDARD-OUTFIT-CUSTOM-EPIPHONE-WITH-CASE. And now, in the 21st century, new Epiphone technical breakthroughs such as the ProBucker™ pickup, series parallel switching, built-in KillSwitch™ pots, the Shadow NanoFlex™ and NanoMag™ pickup systems, and premier acoustic/electric guitars with the eSonic™ preamp have brought Epiphone to a new generation. 2 replies; 52 views; DrRogerFisher; November 24; Epiphone j200 By Scott Smith, November 19 release; 1 reply; 64 views; Brucebubs; November 19; Epiphone C50 Classical By fernandosor, September 22, 2009. The mahogany neck has slim profile that is easy on the hands. The Epiphone EJ200SCE ships with 0.012-0.053 strings and may require a setup to suit your playing preferences. with some functional upgrades to the design and build. It has often been called a game changer by critics because it has become the guitar to beat for the rest of its competitors. The quality of parts used and overall craftsmanship is on-par with what one would expect from the brand. They have nearly the same quality of performance and construction but at a fraction of the cost. Joe Bonamassa has once again partnered with Epiphone to lovingly replicate one of his most-prized guitars, his … This all maple guitar resonates well and arrives with a low action and high playability out of the box. The sound is a bit on the mellow side, tender enough to validate why it is called the humming bird. An instrument is much more than just a piece of gear for a passionate musician, it is a companion they share their journey with and a partner they turn to in their highs and lows. This leads to an extended range and tonal variety that can carry you through anything from Brit Punk to gritty blues. Due to the World War and financial issues after the death of its founder, it was bought out by its main rival, Gibson in 1957. This is the archtop that put Epiphone on the map and kept it there even when times were tough. Epiphone. Since then the archtop has remained a favorite among many guitarists like Alvin Lee, Eric Johnson, Freddie King, Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton. Once you plug in the Epiphone Hummingbird PRO, the incredulous performance of the electronics makes you forget that is an affordable version of the Gibson model. 1934 Epiphone Stringed Instrument Catalog - 36 Pages. Les Paul Modern Figured . Though this guitar is ideal for intermediate players, the playability and versatile tone can easily accompany any musician in their journey from a beginner to pro. The "House of Stathopoulo" has played a central role in every great musical era from the mandolin craze of the early 1900s to jazz age guitars of the 1920s; from swing era archtops through post-war pop, jazz, R&B, and early rock n' roll; and from the "British Invasion" to heavy metal, punk, grunge, and thrash. The guitar is fitted with the versatile and powerful Ceramic Plus Zebra Coil humbuckers that are designed to sound like the late 50’s Les Paul Standards. This great sounding amp is perfect for practice sessions and loud enough if you want to jam with friends. Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT Electric Guitar, Ebony. These guitars are setup in USA and play perfectly well out of the box, the only adjustments you may need to make might be on account of your personal preference. 1 Finish Options . Epiphone FT-100 Acoustic Guitar (EAFTNACH3) - Natural - Only at Best Buy (0 Reviews) $169.99. It will help players avoid any pain or fatigue after long rehearsals and practice. It looks, feels and sounds authentic and is backed by Epiphone’s limited lifetime warranty. En Français. 3 Finish Options . Their catalogue also boasts of popular bass guitars like the Thunderbird PRO, Jack Cassidy Signature Bass, Viola Bass and Allen Woody Signature Rumblekat Bass. Its inimitable appeal is propped up by the peculiar moustache shaped pau ferro bridge, imitation Tortoise pickguard with J-200 Graphics, black and white bindings and crown pearloid inlays. 2020 Epiphone SG Standard BODY & NECK Guitar Parts Vintage Cherry. The catalogue scans on this site are sorted by manufacturer: follow the links to find vintage guitar catalogues, brochures and owner's manuals, primarily 1950s-1970s. The guitar is capable of projecting sound if you work it and the overall tone would be ideal for country, acoustic-pop and rock music. It has the legendary double cutaway that is the core styling statement of the instrument. Their vast catalogue is now split into the 'Originals' and 'Inspired by Gibson' ranges, with highlights including the hotly-anticipated ‘59 Les Paul Standard Outfit guitars and the latest additions to their Prophecy series! CMUSE-Mar 6, 2019. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT is budget … The Slash “AFD” Les Paul also has a handy built-in Shadow E-Tuner fitted into the mounting ring of the bridge pickup. While this is priced slightly higher than other guitar combo packs in the beginner’s market, it also has an edge above the rest in terms of quality and looks. 2000's Epiphone Catalogs. Guitars. The Epiphone DOT neither looks nor feels like an imitation of the Gibson ES-335 in any sense. It is a highly regarded brand, undeniably revered as one of the top American guitar manufacturers today. A very attractively-priced acoustic-electric package. The stock electronics include Fishman Sonicore Under Saddle Pickup and Fishman Presys Preamp with Volume control, Phase and Contour switches. Regardless of the reduced size, it offers 22 medium jumbo frets on the pau ferro fingerboard with mother of pearl inlays. From Keith Richards to John Lennon, the Epiphone Casino has been used on really famous records by some of the world’s most noteworthy musicians. Find Discounts. Epiphone has overhauled its guitar lineup for 2020. The guitar has a AAA flame Maple Veneer top and dark Cherry body with a single layer ivory binding. The Alnico Classic Humbuckers are responsible for this guitar’s vintage sound and create a mellow and round tone with a little more bite when you shift to the bridge pickup. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Epiphone has a huge range of options categorized stylistically which includes the iconic SG, Les Paul, ES style electric guitars and other Artist Signature and Limited Run electric guitars. Explore Epiphone Inspired by Gibson. The Grover Rotomatic 18:1 Tuning machines are sturdy and hold the tuning well despite rough use. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The Dove Pro is everything that its Gibson counterpart is with its elegant looks, effortless playability, and great tone. The mahogany neck has a pau ferro fingerboard and 20 medium jumbo frets. The Slash AFD Performance Pack features a Les Paul Special II LTD guitar in a gorgeous Appetite Amber finish. When combined with the tonal options on the guitar, you can dial in a huge variety of tones to cover rock, punk, blues, metal and more. This is a sure bet for anyone on the lookout for for a timeless instrument that provides an upscale experience for a pocket friendly price. Since 1873, Epiphone has made instruments for every style of popular music and celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2013. Free shipping. The Epiphone brand is owned by the world famous musical instrument manufacturer Gibson Brands, Inc. Epiphone manufactures acoustic guitars, electric guitars, double basses, banjos, resonator guitars and other stringed instruments that command a considerable market share across the globe. Pack. The action may need to be set based on your preference but the adjustable TrussRod allows you to setup the guitar without any issues. Epiphone Inspired by Gibson. The ES-335, inspired by Gibson’s 1958 original, is a semi-hollow electric with a (relative to most solid-bodies) quite a large body, but not as large as a fully hollow guitar.

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