Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. $570.00. This is more affordable than the previous boards, and yet you can experience surfing like a pro. No matter the condition, this board can bring you through it. They are buoyant enough to easily catch waves with and are suitable for the generally small and sometimes rough conditions one encounters here on VA’s East Coast. As Torq continues to create surfboards using the latest EPS and epoxy materials, they’ve come up with a unique design TET 6.6 Fish New Classic surfboard. $400.00 - $425.00. It is shaped with high precision so you can expect a more precise movement while surfing. It is also responsible for the durability of the board by adding a mixture of weave fibers and carbon materials into the boards. And, a soft top is an obvious choice for achieving that goal. Wide turns and noseriding are to be experienced with this board. Great for first waves, perfect for … A: Since Torq continues to innovate their surfboards, choosing which the best is crucial. The Torq TEC Hybrid Surfboard is a Hybrid of the best features from our favorite boards. Whether new to surfing or just looking to enjoy a cruisy session, the all-new Chancho is a super user-friendly, stable board that catches waves with ease. PRODUCT. It has PE deck skin for safe learning. Torq Surfboards. When it comes to pricing, this one is pricier by a decent amount, but it doesn’t come without reason. Each year sees the innovation step up a gear, … Besides your skills, the next thing that adds to the …, Next to not finding the right spot to surf, having …, One of the best things about a sit-on-top kayak is …, Kayaking is a fantastic sport. The torq range now offers numerous types of surfboards … This assures durability due to the advanced epoxy lay-up. They are nice boards overall for factory a produced product, and will last a while if you care for it. However, this product is delivered without fins. $450.00. This handles wild waves and maneuvers. These boards are shaped like a fish with a swallow tail and low rocker as well as a straight railed template and have a wider dimension. Plus, the board’s design is so beautiful to be seen in the water. Torq … They cost more than the other Torq Surfboards but are the best for more advanced surfers out there. They might not be as affordable as the other surfboard companies but they still render the best surfboards you’ll ever need. It is more durable and eco-friendly than polyester boards. As years passed, they ended up with innovative surfboards for all surfing levels. The ModFun and Mini-Long shapes come with … Torq TEC: Lightweight boards are made of carbon and plain weave fibers. When it comes to acceleration, Go-Kart is your best option. Paying a bit extra is not bad for a high-quality product like Torq Surfboards. Torq Surfboard Epoxy TEC Shortboard Hybrid 5’6, Torq Surfboard Mod Fun Soft Deck 6’8 Package, Torq Surfboard ACT Pre-Preg Performance Groveler, Torq Surfboard ACT Pre-Preg Multiplier 5’8, Best O’Brien Wakeboards | 2020 Reviews + Guide, How to Wakesurf: A Beginner’s Guide [2020] + Guide, Top 7 Best Kayak Plugs | 2020 Reviews (Lixada), Top 7 Best Modular Kayaks | 2020 Reviews (Point 65 Sweden), Top 7 Best Kayak Canopies | 2020 Reviews (MSC), A combination of shortboard and hybrid board, Might be hard to control for the beginners. They have created innovative surfboards for all levels of surfing. It has a low entry and exit rocker. The most versatile, easy surfing boards. They use up carbon fiber to deliver a maximum surfing performance to the surfer. Three fins are included upon purchase. To surf at every season is what this board is made. Such a feature helps to enhance the board’s maneuverability. Therefore, having a surfboard that is shaped like a fish is very much appreciated by most surfers out there. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to However, it doesn’t come with additional fins so you have to buy them. Seven years ago, Torq Surfboards was created. Here are five frequently asked questions from the existing users and future buyers of Torq Surfboards: A: Torq Surfboards only offer surfboard products. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for 7 6 Surfboard. This year sees the innovation step up a gear, with new shapes, new graphics, X-Lite collaborations with Channel Islands surfboards … It is easy to paddle, to catch waves, and has a firm grip to support standing surfing tricks. You won’t pay a great priced surfboard that isn’t performing well. This is a bit shorter in size than the prior. For their price and value, you will get great quality. Torq TET Mod Fish 5'11" Surfboard. That ends up with an all-level surfing board. In other words, this board can grow with you. The product comes in a package that includes a leash, wax, padded board bag, and the three fins. Now, let’s move into the shortboard offered by Torq Surfboards. It is not one I’d loan out to a complete novice, it’s too nice. It might appear shorter than the other boards yet can perform huge surfing transformations. Very good condition Torq 7'6 (dimensions in photos) MOD FUN expoxy mini-mal. Torq Epoxy Technology (TET): It offers the highest quality of strength and performance. Just keep in tune on the Torq Surfboard Website and wait for further product developments. This crossover range caters to all levels of surfers in virtually every condition. From waist high mush to overhead and hollow. Pick up in … It has three fins set up, one on the US box and the other two on the future sides. If you’re a beginner, you can pick one of the Torq’slongboard range, laminated products, and soft deck boards. Speed during a critical performance is enhanced because of its design. Surf schools use those for a reason. Torq Surfboards Launched in 2012, torq surfboards created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance. Its overall design is best for both beginners and pro-surfers. However, the said products are available in different sizes and types, depending on the user’s needs. Long enough for great paddle speed for catching waves but short enough to turn easily. We recommend this surfboard for more advanced surfers. First-time surfers are benefited by its stability for easy paddling. A combination of hard and soft construction is built on its base. These boards are usually for performance surfers, as they are built stronger with polyester material. A large number of boards are sold brand new by our shops, individuals also regularly sell their Torq equipment on our site, always with … Torq Surfboards team surfing in the maldives with MOD FUN surfboard funboard range You’ll find a board that feels shorter than it’s length, delivering predictable handling and performance. Skip to main content. The Torq TEC M2 XL 7'6 Surfboard is a lightweight, mid-length performance board and performance minimal’s are one of the funnest, most versatile boards you can own. Built using the latest EPS/Epoxy materials; Torq technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fiberglass cloth, Epoxy resin and Torqs' unique Sheild Skin. Includes leash/fins. You can choose smaller and bigger sizes than 5’10. No fins are included in the package. Launched in 2012, Torq surfboards created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance. They perform extremely well in a vast variety of conditions, are great for paddling, and allow for tight transitions in the waves. $430.00. The construction is made of Epoxy EPS molding with fiberglass biaxial, epoxy resin coating, and shield skin protector. The size of shortboards ranges from 5’4 to 6’8 that can go with thruster or quad fins. They now offer five surfboard types on each surfing level, including the shortboard, hybrid, fish, longboard, and fun board. This is the second-longest board on the list next to Softboard Longboard 9.0. It’s a lot easier to paddle with compared to fish boards. Strength and flexibility are found on every surfboard, which makes this company positioned at the pinnacle of innovative surfboards. It offers flexibility and strength to weight ratio.