Supplement coursework with special education classes. Physical therapists support patients dealing with pain and mobility issues. Build a network of contacts with sport administrators, student athletes, and merchandise representatives. Earn dual certification for increased job opportunities. © Angelo State University All Rights Reserved. United States Tennis Association. Seek leadership roles, manage equipment and facilities, or plan events. Obtain a doctoral degree in sport psychology, sport sociology, or clinical/counseling psychology and complete postdoctoral training if you desire to work with professional sport teams … Search for majors by selecting a category and refining your search or use search box below. Earn a master’s degree for increased opportunities. They can also find jobs working with athletes at the high school, college and professional levels. Bachelor's Degree Programs Sports journalism majors can expect to take many courses dealing with media relations, mass communications and media production. Rebecca Renner is a teacher and college professor from Florida. California Baptist U. U. of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) California State U. at … Sports Medicine Major: Sports medicine is one of the most common sports degrees. Sports administrators organize both large-scale sporting events and smaller things like athletic clubs. Sports enthusiasts commonly choose majors in the health sciences that allow them to learn about muscle groups. Without the appropriate degrees and licenses, you won’t be able to operate as a medical professional in these fields. This major prepares students to pass the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification exam. Their classes will include a foundation in anatomy and physiology, but later in the major, they will be able to take courses in nutrition, rehabilitation and exercise. Hone public speaking skills. While some work with athletes, others work in management. Major Pages include Description, Courses, Careers, Salary, Related Majors and Colleges offering major. Scuba-diving instructors, for instance, must earn their scuba certification in addition to their divemaster credentials before they can teach a single class. Major in journalism, broadcasting, electronic media, photography, or English. Consider professional or graduate school in physical therapy, athletic training, or medicine. Other sports-related jobs may require training and licensure in related fields. Check the availability of online undergraduate degree programs in sports … Some health educators work for governmental agencies, assisting with public health initiatives that prevent diseases and spread awareness of potential public health concerns. Majors in the fields of communication and marketing will also allow you to interact with athletes and watch sports for a living. Definitely also need strong communication skills, computer literacy, keyboarding skills, a knowledge of sports, good observation skills and the ability to handle stress and work within deadlines. Develop good relationships with coaches and other athletic department personnel. Volunteer in a hospital or fitness center. Being able to work well with others is a must. Some schools also offer majors designed especially for pre-physical therapy students. Seek a graduate assistant position in athletic administration, instruction, or coaching. Recreational organizations or leagues, e.g. Work as a referee for campus intramurals. Maintain excellent personal fitness and athletic proficiency. Colleges with Sports Science Majors. Secure a part-time position with a youth recreation center, college athletic facility, or intramural athletic administration department. NCAA rules require its 130 FBS schools—those with the top college football programs in the country—to sponsor at least 16 sports, a number that appears to be keeping at least some schools … This major at UM also includes plenty of hands-on learning experience with some of South Florida’s most renowned professional sports teams. Students go on to work on the business and management side of major sports teams, such as the Miami Heat and the Florida Marlins. NASSM Business Office. © 1992 - 2009 The University of Tennessee. Develop additional knowledge in areas of strength training, fitness, nutrition, and conditioning. Sports Broadcasting prepares you with the specialized knowledge needed to perform in the multibillion-dollar sports and entertainment industry. If you want to be a physical therapist someday, you could choose to become a physical therapy assistant first. Develop excellent public speaking and writing skills and a solid command of sports. Be willing to work with sport teams and organizations in any capacity, realizing that most people start in low-level positions. Physical Therapists. Earning a health sciences major will give you a broad science education that will be applicable to a variety of future careers, including some that are related to sports. If you’re dreaming of a career that allows you to work closely with athletes, sports management and administration may be the ideal career path for you. In this program, students are required to complete an internship to learn from experience in their future career field. Its core classes are drawn from a variety of fields such as history, psychology and sociology. 120 Sycamore Ave. #23. At the University of Miami, students can study sports administration as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree or as a minor. Develop strong communication skills and learn how to build interpersonal relationships. These careers require you to take the right classes that will prepare you to pass these exams. Pursue a postdoctoral internship or fellowship for advanced career opportunities. Join sport-oriented associations and organizations. Courses covering the athletic aspects … Take courses in marketing, public relations, and advertising. Twenty-six colleges and universities, from Stanford to Dartmouth College, have cut more than 90 sports programs, according to an NBC News count. Earn the Professional Football Referees Association licensure or other applicable credential. Make contact with college equipment or uniform representatives. Become familiar with legal and regulatory issues related to coaching, e.g. Get involved with campus sport teams, intramurals, or recreational programs and facilities. College Sports: Best and Worst Majors for Student-Athletes. Future leisure facilities managers study business and management in addition to sports so they can learn how to balance a budget and work well with the various crews on their staff. NCAA regulations. This is such a sports-obsessed school that it’s not surprising that this major is incredibly competitive. To help you get in on the game, we’ve compiled a list of 10 colleges with esports degree programs… For example, all physical education teachers have to pass a certain number of education courses and then score well enough on multiple teaching exams to earn a teaching certification. Before you sign up for a specific major, look to see what kind of training and certification your dream career requires. Volunteer to umpire youth or Little League games. You’ll learn the workings of the stadium, concessions, ticketing, marketing, equipment, turf management and every other aspect of the sports … Parks and recreation majors combine the fun of sports majors with the seriousness of government majors and management. Health Education Major: Much like physical education majors, health education majors earn degrees from colleges of education. There are many different ways to work within the sport industry. Some work in clinics and hospitals. Major in psychology, physical education, exercise science, or other physical activity related field. In this major, you will learn about nutrition, exercise science and community health. Many colleges and universities offer a variety of sports-related majors ranging from health and physical fitness to coaching to parks and recreation leadership. People who are pursuing careers in sports can earn associate's and bachelor's degrees in sports management. Health education teachers usually work at middle schools or high schools but not always. Develop a background in sales. Develop outstanding communication skills, written and oral. Exercise science majors most often go on to become coaches, personal trainers or athletic trainers for team sports. Obtain an internship or part-time job with local or university newspaper or radio/television station. Obtain a degree in education, physical education, or other sport related field in addition to appropriate state teacher licensure. YMCA, Youth sport organizations, e.g. Golf management majors will learn how to manage golf courses, facilities and related organizations. Unlike other sports majors in college, this major uses other subjects to examine the influence of sports on culture through a critical lens. Work in retail stores that sell sport or recreational merchandise or in campus recreation facilities that rent equipment to students. To run a successful parks and recreation program, you will need a good grasp of government-funding rules. The coronavirus pandemic brought the entire sports world to a screeching halt, and college sports programs were among the hardest hit. Get involved with campus sport teams, intramurals, or recreational programs. Careers in sport and athletics are extremely competitive. Physical Therapy Degrees: Physical therapists don’t just work with athletes. Develop social perceptiveness and active listening skills to use when working with athletes. Review the course topics you could study in one of these programs, and learn about the hands-on training you'd gain. Instruction on play-by-play, color commentary and analysis, … The following options are available to you after getting a degree in Sports: Obtain a graduate degree to teach at the college level or to advance into administrative positions. Learn to relate well to a variety of people from different backgrounds and personalities. Supplement program with courses in sport management or physical education. Health Sciences Major: Majoring in general health sciences gives students the flexibility to learn about aspects of health ranging from exercise physiology and nutrition to public health and medicine. Studying exercise physiology can teach students how the average human body moves and functions. Explore undergraduate degree programs related to sports science. Obtain an internship or part-time job with a team, an athletic organization, or a sport facility. A bachelor’s degree in sports management prepares graduates to work in athletics. Learn how to find schools and universities with strong programs for this major. Typically, football and men's basketball — the revenue sports at the vast majority of Division I schools — generate enough income through television contracts and ticket sales to fund sports … At many universities, this major is very hands on, with some classes that include clinical experience with the university’s football, basketball and soccer teams. Join sport associations and organizations to stay current on developments in the field and to make contacts. Major in psychology, physical education, exercise science, or other physical activity related field. California. Usually housed within journalism or communication programs, the sports communication major will teach you how to write and speak more effectively on the subject of sports. The program prepares students for numerous sports-related careers by instilling in them effective communication and management skills. Some professional health educators focus on helping people learn how to lead healthy lives through exercise and proper nutrition. Gain extensive, advanced playing experience. Being a physical therapy assistant will give you the hands-on experience you crave. Sports Statisticians usually have at least a bachelor's degree in some combination of mathematics, statistical analysis and computer science. People who run athletics facilities will benefit from degrees in business or management, but neither are required. The program prepares students to work in a variety of sports-related fields by providing education in management, marketing, finance and sports law. Sports Studies Major Description: A program that focuses on the psychological, sociological, and historical aspects of sport and physical activity. Identify a particular area of interest and then gain the best combination of educational preparation, experience, and skills because requirements will vary by field. Attend classes, seminars, camps, and workshops sponsored by these organizations. Similar to physical therapists, occupational therapists work with all kinds of people to help them function better in their work and home lives. Believe it or not, college football is not the end-all, be-all at most major Power 5 universities. Topic focuses include kinesiology, biology, and accounting principles. Studying sports in college may seem too good to be true, but if you're a sports fan, you don't have to leave your interest in sports behind when you go to college. Graduates with bachelor's degrees in a sports field might find employment as … Career choices after a Bachelor’s in Sports A Bachelor’s degree in Sports gives you the freedom to opt for a career on the field as well as off field. Publish, as much as possible, in college and local newspapers. UpperCut Images/UpperCut Images/GettyImages, Rebecca Renner - Updated December 17, 2018, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Education, Explore state by state cost analysis of US colleges in an interactive article, Fastweb: 34 Weird (But Cool) College Majors, Pearson: 6 Reasons You Should Join Intramural Sports in College. Other certifications can be granted by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association. If you love studying sports, there are many majors from which you can choose to explore your passion. Health and Wellness Major: Some sports majors in college choose to focus on health and wellness. Earn a graduate degree in sport psychology, with an exercise emphasis, for a career in exercise psychology. Vermillion, SD 57069. Physical therapists need to earn a Master of Physical Therapy or a Doctor of Physical Therapy to practice on patients. Supplement curriculum with nutrition and hard science courses. even more impressive when you consider the viewership for other major sporting events that year: 5 million watched the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals Volunteer to work with college or high school sport teams or to run exercise programs for local, non-profit organizations. Major in one of the social sciences and supplement coursework with hard science classes. Exercise Science Majors: Exercise science majors focus on the process of human movement.