Sterling Silver Linden is a tough, easy-to-grow medium to large-sized tree that will give you a cool and shady spot to put a picnic table, a pair of adirondacks, or a lounge chair. Linden Flowers. ©2020 Bower & Branch. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. From a distance, the erect pyramidal form appears almost perfectly symmetrical, and one only has to smell a blooming Linden tree once to be enamored with the fragrant blooms. ft. single-family home is a 4 bed, 2.5 bath property. This fast growing tree has an upright growth habit and produces fragrant cream colored flowers in late spring/early summer. Tell us about yourself and your space; we’ll pair you with a tree you’ll love. Shop All. Buying trees and plants online has never been easier. How to Grow Silver Linden Trees . As the species name implies tomentosa is used to describe a woolly coating on the leaf formed by the tomentose hairs. Wood Rots and Decays (Many genus and species involved) Insect Damage. However, aphid infestations on these lindens can be incredibly messy and a real nuisance. Silver Linden form. Silver Linden is widely adapted, most insect and drought resistant linden with prettiest leaves. Search Trees Trees by: Size Tolerance Exposure Use Tree Pests Credits Silver Linden Tilia tomentosa. Shop. Hours of Business With the Elements Watering System, your trees will grow faster with less work. Beautiful shade tree with light gray, smooth bark and leaves that are a dark, radiant green on top, shimmering silver beneath. A perfect solution to avoid this malady is to select a close relative, the silver linden, Tilia tomentosa, which does not attract aphids. Lightboxes; Contact us. The linden tree (also commonly known as basswood or lime tree, despite being unrelated to the fruit bearing bush of the same name) falls within the Tilia genus, a group of around 30 species of trees native to the Northern hemisphere. We welcome enquiries from anyone who has a project needing multiple trees or shrubs and would like a wholesale price quote. Keep your eyes out for any of the silver linden selections to put on your new and improved street tree list. All Rights Reserved. Linden, Tilia, trees have many impressive uses. Slender, upturned branches create a dense, uniform crown with a conical outline. 4-7. Log in; Sign up. Dazzles in fall when it sends up a cloud of rosy-colored plumes. As always, e-mail me additional comments on this tree. var _ctct_m = "01a692729a353b842cf74c2454ed0668"; Please click HERE to sign up for updates on our latest inventory availability. Find the perfect silver linden stock photo. From shop FrenchVintagePrints . $1.59 + $3.49 shipping . Please enter your zip code to see sizes available in your area. Add a Watering System for an additional $22.00, Hardiness Zone: Ask a Plant Whisperer for help to get started. Silver Linden Tilia tomentosa Linden trees, especially American, Tilia Americana and littleleaf, Tilia cordata,have been widely planted in urban areas because they are drought tolerant, durable and beautiful, and thrive is some of our toughest locations. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Dirr reports that the silver linden is even more drought tolerant that the other lindens. As it matures, the lower branches of this tree can be strategically removed to create a high enough canopy to support unobstructed human traffic underneath. $1.99 + $3.49 shipping . We currently do not deliver to your area at this time, please contact us to discuss other options. Lightboxes ; Cart; Account; Hi there! must use the Fertilizer, Watering System and Planting Compost Blend Mix. Zone 4-9 Tilia tomentosa – Silver linden, European white lime. The late Willet “Bill” Wandell of Illinois—the same nurseryman who introduced the Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry—gave us this selection in 1986. Linden trees are native to North America and are often seen in parks, school yards and on city boulevards. Linden, Littleleaf (Tilia cordata) potted tree TOP SIZE . The trunk of young trees grows perfectly straight to the top, with sturdy, ascending branching. These trees are not particular about many aspects of their care, and can adapt to various soil, light, and climate conditions. Although there are Lindens native to the U.S., this tree belongs to a European/Middle Eastern species of Linden that was brought to this country in colonial times. Other members of the genus include the rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), phalsa (Grewia subinaequalis), durian (Durio spp. Buy images Sell images. Dark-green on top and silvery underneath, Sterling Silver Linden's foliage delivers a fine display. Enter the Zip Code where you’ll be planting your tree(s) and refine your results. Linden trees are hermap… Sale Price $7.46 $ 7.46 $ 8.29 Original Price $8.29 (10% off) ... Basswood & silver linden lime tree print 1984 Vintage Botanical art print Green poster. Sterling Silver is less susceptible than most Lindens—perhaps because the undersides of the leaves are so fuzzy (how would you like to chew through leaf-fuzz?). Silver Linden Silver Linden - Silver Lime - Tilia tomentosa - 50+ seeds. The branching was just as high as could be for a young tree of a small type. Average Mature Spread: 35-50 Feet. Consensus among arborists I have discussed this with is that the union may still be relatively strong. When the wind blows this creates a shimmering effect as the silver undersides are exposed. As it ages, it becomes grayish-brown with deeper furrowed ridges. An office fire in 1979 destroyed the records that would have revealed the seed source of the crop that produced this superior tree. The upper side of the leaf is a bright shiny dark green. Linden trees have very flexible wood making them and excellent choice for open windy areas. But if you're looking to use a Linden tree as something in your landscape, then you're also in luck!