What word? (implementation) How will culture … Don’t ask for salt when dining in Egypt. The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by which country in 1912? What is the unlucky number in Japan, a number some times replaced with the letter F when numbering floors in a building? 7 questions to ask of any tradition: When and why did the tradition it start? Arabs brought Islam to Persia in which century? Why was the Munich Oktoberfest cancelled in 1923 and 1924? What is the unlucky number in Vietnam, a number some times skipped when numbering floors in a building? Who? Traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. Many Mexicans live in cities, but smaller rural communities still play a strong role in defining the country's collective vibrant community. Taj means 'crown', what does Mahal mean? Questions: What is your history? It is also, traditional to have school assemblies before morning lessons and to sing a special. Which ancient Greek is considered to have invented tragedy? How we perceive things is largely affected by our judgment skills, preconceived notions, attitude, and emotions. Question: Question 38 In This Cultural Practice And Tradition, Virtue Is Ewed As An Essential Element Of Economic Development Because Is Depends On The Effective Use Of Human Resources And Natural Resources Catholic Protest O Capitalam Confucianism Question 39 This Is The Market Value Of All Final Goods And Services Made Within The Borders Of A Country In A Year. FOOD TRADITIONS INTERVIEW OVERVIEW In this lesson, students interview an elder or someone from another culture to learn about foods in different times or places. According to an old legend, who can't shed more than 3 tears? What color dresses do Chinese women traditionally wear on their wedding day as the color is believed to symbolise happiness? Who designed the uniform worn by the Vatican City's Swiss Guard? The Emperors Palace or Forbidden City is located in which city? … Culture. This category contains questions and answers about traditions, religions, myths, sagas, classical studies and practices of culture. Does your country have any traditional dances for special ceremonies at different times of the year? How many begonias are used? Why did you/your family settle in _____? 8. What power did Babylonians believe their priests possessed? What traditional. This gives students broader insight for thinking critically about their own food choices. Culture and Diversity Quiz. In other words, what your customs are, how people treat each other in your culture, what it means to be ill..., etc. What do "Storks" deliver according to among others parents in the early Protestant America? Do you have your own unique culture fun fact? What is the name of one of the largest star sapphires in the world which is found in New York City's American Museum of Natural History? What type of animal is considered good luck to have living at a theatre? Describe the traditions relating to your country’s Royal Family, Centre of Government. The mysterious Inca city Machu Picchu is found in which country? Which people traditionally smoke a pipe of peace? 11 How is culture defined? What instruments are used to play these songs? Before dealing with the Indian culture questions, one must know about the type of questions asked in Indian Culture related to general knowledge session. How many litres of beer are consumed each year at the Oktoberfest in Munich? About This Quiz & Worksheet. Culture is a very broad term, and can refer to so many things. 10. food and drinks do you have in your country? In very traditional British schools, the pupils stand up when the teacher enters the, room. The ancient city of Babylon was located in which of these current countries? Culture is represented through the art, literature, costumes, customs, and traditions of a community. What is your full name? (See Chesterton’s Fence) How did it change over time? What is the traditional image of, 7. Does your country have any traditional dances for special ceremonies at different times. Describe the traditional clothing. Describe the dances and the traditional dance costumes. These factors are closely linked with our culture. This quiz/worksheet combo lets you measure your knowledge of culture. The culture of Mexico has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past few decades and it varies widely throughout the country. This article provides the Indian Culture General Knowledge Questions. Do children in your country learn traditional songs which their grandparents also. Can you talk me through some of the activities … Because every individual is unique and every interviewer has his or her own special interests and research goals, there is no single set of questions that will fit every situation. Please seek information from other sources as well. Which Ancient Mexican civilization developed a symbol for "zero"? know? General knowledge questions related to Importance of Indian Culture and Heritage. What are some of your family customs and roles of members within your family? Like most Asian countries, family values hold high importance in Chinese Culture. Different cultures exist in different parts of the world. Do children in your country learn traditional songs which their grandparents also know? 726 Administrator March 12, 2020 Quiz 6.945K. The correctness of questions and answers should be considered with care. What is the unlucky number in China, a number some times skipped in product lines e.g. What kind of animal was the germanic goddess of the spring sometimes depicted as? In the Philippines, it is family first. What did handshaking originally symbolize? What are these songs about? According to the legend, how did Achilles die? Cultural traditions are expressions of a particular group's worldview, and they help people in that group mark significant occasions or life transitions. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used a word to describe Arabs and in the Middle Ages, the same word was used by Europeans during the crusades to describe Muslims. What did the Roman Catholic church condemned in the 16th century? Describe a traditional wedding ceremony in your country. of the year? In perceiving something as good or bad, our biases play a role and so does our way of thinking. The traditions of India. 100% free culture trivia, with answers. Do schools in your country have similar traditions? Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was found in Halicarnassus? Is your country still good at these sports? Access the answers to hundreds of Culture questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. It is normal to arrive on time, but not, 6. Refer to the Indian Culture questions and prepare for the competitive examinations. London businessmen used to wear grey suits and bowler hats. In judging something as easy or difficult, our attitude and our motivation levels play a key role. Teachers used to wear square black hats and long black gowns. QuizStone is a quiz website, not an Encyclopedia. The ruins of ancient Carthage are found in the suburbs of which modern city? Consider asking: Is the … Which of the following was not a Greek writer of plays? In the British calendar, the traditional ceremonies include Hogmanay (the Scottish, New Year), pancake day in February, dancing on 1st May and bonfire night in. What instruments are used to play these songs? They also carried, umbrellas and read The Times newspaper. Which kind of animal did the jealous Goddess Athena turn Arachne into? I personally think that some people use "culture" as a way to remain in the past, and force others to abide by their morals and beliefs, like suppressing women or minorities. In many cultures, like the United States, it is all right to ask … These are sample interview questions that will help you assess whether your prospective employee is a good match with your workplace culture and environment for employees.These questions are not listed in any priority sequence. (operationalization) How is fidelity to the cultural intervention confirmed? What is your home of origin? If you were going to start your own business, what would it be? The following are some that might help guide an interview with a relative or community member about family folklore and local traditions. What weather phenomenon was the Norse god Thor thought to control? 3. What was put in a window during the Victorian era to symbolize warmth? So I shall now ask you a few questions about your culture and your symptoms." 9. (operationalization) How will culture be included in the intervention? Culture refers to the pattern of human activity and the symbols which give significance to this activity. Who was the god of the Hebrews in the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel and Judah? In Britain, there is a long tradition of playing cricket and tennis in the summer and, football and rugby at other times of the year. Which ancient world wonder was found in Alexandria? What problem was it intended to solve? country? something about your country or your culture. This workplace culture survey … Geography Quiz • History Quiz • Literature Quiz • Movie Quiz • Music Quiz • Sports Quiz • Nature and Biology Quiz • Technology Quiz • Information Technology Quiz • Natural Science Quiz • Words and Languages Quiz • Art and Culture Quiz • Gastronomy Quiz • Society Quiz • Politics Quiz • Business Quiz • Architecture Quiz • Design and Fashion Quiz • The Human Quiz • Religion, Culture and Tradition Quiz • TV and Radio Quiz • Gossip Quiz • Travel and Holidays Quiz • Trivia Quiz. To celebrate culture and diversity near and far, both literally in distance and figuratively in our hearts, we want to test your knowledge with these ten fun culture questions. A lot of questions need to be answered to articulate the general theory. TRADITIONS. Filipinos take pride in their families. Why do Christian brides traditionally wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger? Here is the best collection of Indian Culture Questions for those who are preparing for the exams. CENTER FOR ECOLITERACY GRADE LEVEL: 3–5 (every tradition has changed over time) Is the problem it was intended to solve still a problem? 1. Family culture. Discussion questions:_____ask and answer. The GK Questions on Indian culture involves: What is the India Country? Leave a comment telling us about it. This category contains questions and answers about traditions, religions, myths, sagas, classical studies and practices of culture. 18 Interview Questions to Assess Cultural Fit . Are you comfortable with your workplace culture? November when we burn an effigy of the man who tried to blow up Parliament. school song at the end of term. What was the given name of Pope John Paul II? Nokia cell phones? Question Culture teamed up with JusticeLA, Schools Not Prisons, and Reform LA Jails to produce Defund The Sheriff (The Album) to bring national support to #DefundTheSheriff Campaigns across LA County, invest in alternatives to incarceration, end the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for Sheriff lawsuits, and stop the criminalization and incarceration of Black and brown people. After whom was the Greek city Athens named? Traditions and Customs Quiz Questions & Answers. What is your work? What is the unlucky number in Korea as it sounds like death? What are the traditional sports in your. What opportunities will I have to develop my skills? Concubines excluded, how many wives did a Chinese Emperor have? One of the ancient world wonders, the 'Hanging Gardens', was found in which city? They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. You will be asked about what this concept is and different examples of it throughout the world. Religion, Culture and Tradition Quiz. Contenders can check and answer the questions by practicing the Indian Culture GK Online Test. What are these songs about? If yes, Why? 4. The Grand Place or main market square in Brussels hosts the 'flower carpet' festival each August.