did you get treated plywood or simple plywood? Wowzer!!!!? Thanks. But if you’re still not sure what to get, here are a few of our most popular home gym flooring options. If you’re not planning on using any sort of adhesive, you can easily lay the rubber directly down on the carpet with no extra precautions. We spaced it out a good 6 inches apart. Then we relaid all the flooring. Do you know if it makes sound better or worse for the downstairs neighbors? It’s super exciting, but it can also be really confusing. Michelle, my apologies, I wasn’t clear in my question. I am not sure what would have happened if we had lived there for longer. So glad you were able to find a temporary solution that works for y'all! So glad I found it! We did not use any underlayment personally. However, if you just need some added cushion, I would suggest using a softer roll on top of the flooring. We haven't moved out yet, so I can't specifically say for sure that there is no damage whatsoever. I’m so thankful for this as I hate ca carpeted room in anything but a bedroom. Make sure the plastic is cut to fit the size of your room – you don’t want a bunch of extra material. Yes, we’re open! In case you are considering using plywood to stabilize your bike, Lowe’s has 2’ x 4’ sheets that fit the Peloton footprint perfectly. You don’t want the underlayment to be so thick that your floor can’t fit under doors and moldings. I would just follow the instructions from this tutorial and the video and you should be fine. Regrind Rolls – Black: https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/pre-cut-regrind-roll.html I will let you know.. Wow, I'm amazed! While plush carpet is often ideal for bedrooms because it adds that extra comfort, it is not ideal for gym flooring. You can get a roll of this and cut it to the right size. It’s been down approximately ten years. We painted our plywood subfloors over seven years ago and they still look great today. It can also be used under hardwood, laminate, and carpet… I guess it’d be the same scenario with most upstairs home gyms, so hopefully there’s some good suggestions? I'm quite impressed at how great that it looks. That's why I am not sure if a dance floor would work or not. I have a carpenter who says he can install the laminate flooring and that it would be done in a temporary way so it would not be in violation of the lease that states I cannot alter the apartment. It’s not stable and you could seriously injure yourself. https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/accessories/transition-strips.html, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/accessories/1-2-inch-reducer.html. Related content >> Rubber Flooring: 5 Myths Busted. We had no issues with the carpet flattening. Very cool stuff. ... i am going to put a hardwood floor over my carpet … I am moving into a carpeted room and only want to put the hardwood under the kitchen table and the refrigerator. Whether or not this will work really depends on the thickness of the carpet pad. what did you do about the edges?would a little bit be left exposed and also what about the corners that we not straight edge did you cut it to fit around ?would it be possible for me to glue the boards to the plywood to hold better. Just follow the typical installation instructions for your particular gym flooring and it will be no different than installing over a hard surface. Hi John, absolutely not. After five years of blogging at Ari’s Menu, where she was featured on sites like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, Ari decided to pursue writing full-time. You have a couple options. Thanks for passing it on. But, if you can do it this way, then good for you! However, if you do not want to rip up your carpet, you can use plywood between the carpet and rubber to create a subfloor. We had it two years in our apartment and reinstalled in our current home. Thanks! Tools you will need: • Pry-bar. Plus, it looks great. If I would have been stuck with the light colored carpet in the dining area, I would have made it work because that’s my life’s theme right now (make it work), but having this wipeable surface is just one less thing for me to worry about. If you have hard surfaces like wood, tile, vinyl, laminate, etc., it’s easy to figure out what to do with your floor. I know, this is probably what you were trying to avoid. I’m going to go with it! If you want to install gym flooring and have this softer, high pile carpet, you pretty much have two options. If you’re renting, using a temporary gym flooring or just not sure you’re ready to give up on that carpet yet, not to worry! We are looking to make a home gym, the room in question is carpeted, but doesnt have a solid concrete floor underneath. It some how got deleted! We do not have to worry about thickness for doors or baseboards. Thank you for your question. Has this been tried, and if so, how did it work/not work? Our first choice was the one with the hardwood floors. This article goes to the heart of the matter and gives great advice that will save me tons of work and result in a better job. We didn’t know enough about our future to justify the time and expense. Do you carry this foam underlayment? I’ve been trying to find someone with real life experience installing new laminate flooring over a padded carpet and all I can find are contractors and handymen warning against it, saying it will void the warranty. Impact Rolls: https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/pre-cut-plyorobics-roll.html For those looking to install plywood in a typical square room at home we think this guide gives a really good feel for what’s involved and also includes instructions for staining your plywood. After 2 years of some very active kids living on it, it has held up decent. Can I lay rubber flooring in part of a room, meaning will not be touching all 4 walls? That’s why we recommend plywood, because it’s more rigid. Now, there are a few options, depending on how much you care about keeping the carpet intact. From what I can see underneath (in the area that is closest to the hallway where the hardwood ends) it looks fine. It looks and sounds simple enough? It wasn’t exact, but they definitely weren’t side by side. One of our sales associates will be in touch with you regarding your sample. I am a Jesus Lover, a wife, and a mother. Did it end up being damage-free for the carpet underneath after removing? Thanks for reaching out! @FlooringIncCom We hear this all the time. Quarry Orchard – We also really like Shannon’s installation guide over at her Quarry Orchard blog. The ideal thickness of the plywood depends on a few factors. Asking yourself a few questions can be a great idea… What questions? Definitely something for us to think about . We signed a lease on a carpeted apartment and that was that. To start on their DIY plywood flooring project, the handy couple removed all the furniture from the room and then pulled up the carpet and the padding. While carpet can return to its normal thickness after being flattened (it does usually come in rolls), you’re not evenly distributing the weight, you will likely end up with a lumpy carpet. Thanks for this article and videos….need to have a solid floor in order to install some EMF shielding (magnetic fields and RF fields from below). I love the floor color! You can add an underlay under the rubber flooring if you want. We pulled out the existing carpet along with a 5/8''particle board underlayment. I have a ram Promaster 2018 with I’m in the conversion process and in the process of looking for my best flooring options. You can see the entire results in this time-lapse video we took during the carpet removal. So it’s quite noisey if you jump on it (like you do!). You’re right that rubber isn’t the best when it comes to insulation. We didn't use any nails, even if something spilled on it it would not go through. So we pulled it all up and put down a particle board plywood called OSB, which J got from Home Depot for about $6 a sheet. Tips for Installing New Carpet Over Existing Carpet Choose a Low Pile. Please let us know if you have any further questions. I’ll come back and post my results. Any dirt/color from the rubber will come out easily with a traditional carpet cleaning. If you’re living in a rental and you can’t alter the space or if you’re 100% set on keeping your plush carpet, there is still an option! Do you think that putting some weatherproof silicon in between the joints might prevent liquids from seeping through on to the carpet?, Just stumbled across your post. To understand whether you actually want to go for underlayment on plywood flooring, there are certain things to know. Plywood makes up most of the walls and floors in attics and are sometimes found in laundry rooms, closets and other unfinished areas in the home. I’m not sure that you’d need to put carpet padding under your rubber floor if it’s not already in your van. But if you have carpet…? Then we relaid all the flooring.The next issue was making the sure the floor wasn’t too high or else the front door wouldn’t be able to open. Thank you for your question. After a trial laying I found same problem I need a board underneath. It stays in place under the weight of the laminate (especially when you add furniture on top of that). It looks great! wow U totally transformed the room! I have the same question as george. ? Back in June I did a blog post titled “Apartment Hunters” where I did an HGTV style review of each of the apartments we looked at. I wasn’t planning on a full blown tutorial for this so I didn’t take many pictures of the process, but here is a picture that shows the three types of flooring. Carpet can be tricky. you’ve got yourself a gym floor. We have had customers place vinyl rolls over their carpets before installing rubber tiles. This is the type of thing you don’t normally think about until you’re ready to hit purchase and then it’s like “Oh man! • Paint brushes … And the answer is yes. Not just because they are cute and stylish, but because the messy mom has three very messy kids and I know carpet wouldn’t stand a chance with us. We would have to take it with us or throw it away. We learned this the hard way. I was wondering if I can lay the rubber tiles over the carpet padding, as it is glued down. Carpet is usually successfully installed to particleboard as well. Catherine. I’ve read lots of articles about possible mold damage from doing this. More importantly here is the video that J went off of for this little home improvement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfqpfe80Rmg. If you wanted more sound dampening throughout the gym, you could still use the plywood method and top with these shock tiles as your gym flooring for ultimate sound dampening throughout your gym. 523 Lower Oak Street the question I have for you is how do you do the transitions and make them look clean? Rubber mats are helpful if you just want to cover one area. We have done this twice now because we moved and it has never shifted or caused any problem. And I'm making the best of what looks like a mess! No preparation necessary. If you want to make your bike more stable and have access to a builder’s merchant or DIY store, then pick up a 2’x4’ sheet of ¾â€ plywood to go under your bike. They’re pretty heavy and sturdy and won’t move around much. 1/8 in? Never had any issues with mold at all and that’s with messy children and a lot of spills so I am kind of surprised to hear that. I want to do this asap but I’m afraid those areas will not transition correctly. What am I going to do about my carpet? I did it in my remodel and I am the least handy person I know. I understand that I should install a plywood layer over … Awesome. Tip: Plywood over Carpet. If you keep your eye on it you can find deals like that frequently. https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/interlocking-tile/34-shock-tiles.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=comment&utm_campaign=Rubber%20Over%20Carpet If you’re interested, we do offer free samples on the shock tiles so you can get a look in… Read more ». The best choice for a carpet-over-carpet installation is a carpet with extremely low-pile. Where the wood floor and the entry to the bathroom or kitchen meet for example. Related content >> Home Gym Flooring for Your Budget. I believe she said it was six dollars a sheet and it was a half-inch thick. It's kind of like how we are allowed to paint, but we have to return the walls to their neutral tones before we leave. Plywood is made up of several layers of wood veneer glued together with adjacent layers that form a composite substance. #FlooringInc. I would have been tempted to just tear up the floor. Playing the hand we were dealt we were determined to make this space work for us. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. The subfloor was all that remained. I’m still looking to see the different styles that are out there so I can put over my carpet. A little research, some grunt work, and BAM! This seems to be the million dollar question in the gym flooring world. When you moved was there any issues with getting the carpet back to shape after being flat for years? I have a second story floor that was carpet over plywood subfloor. A quick vacuum was all it took to make it look like new again. Plywood typically costs around $0.50/sqft, about $50 for a 10’x10′ home gym. !” A flurry of google searches later, you can end up even more confused than when you started. 3/4″ Plywood board. We now have laminate wood flooring in the living area of the apartment. We are looking to put something under it to provide a bit of “cushion” to the flooring as my wife does various aerobic type workouts. I hope this answers your question. ( <–name that movie!). Can Rubber Gym Floor Mats Damage Hardwood Floors? Or where can I find it/what type do I look for? Additionally, you can use this shock mat underneath the treadmill to dampen that sound specifically. Hi Allie. It is an unfinished basement where she has her workout area. #FlooringInc, Twitter What do you suggest? Good news! What was the thickness of OSB? I hope that helps. Put a thin layer of half-inch plywood on top of it or quarter-inch ply … as long as you can get a flat surface, then you can go ahead and put new carpet over … What have you heard and how have you combated this problem? Have you (or another reader) yet experienced the moving-out process? For more information about how this project turned out and a time lapse video of the entire floor removal process then check out Part Two HERE. Is your carpet short and flat like a commercial carpet? Thank you for sharing this blog. Hi Natalie this idea is amazing!!! Eco Flec Rolls: https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/custom-cut-eco-flec-roll.html Thanks! Related content >> Home Gym: Foam vs. Rubber. Under that we found 15/32'' plywood subfloor (not tongue-and-groove) over … We lived in the apartment with furniture on it for two full years. Do you have a guesstimate on how much the OSB was per square foot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfqpfe80Rmg. There will be way to much flex and give - even with plywood. Reduced shipping rates on non free shipping products. Except, when my husband has his mind set on something you can’t hold him back. Or are there better methods? The Step by Step Process for DIY Plywood Floor Project. ? I hope that helps a little. we live in cold England and are building our home gym foundation up. I can’t answer for everyone who has tried this but we never had any issues. Edit: So I guess too many people are complaining about the way I use words in this video, so I fixed the title. 1/4 in? At … We are looking to update our play area 23’x23 ‘ and wasn’t sure if you could send us samples or your product. Find out whether gym flooring will work over your carpet and how to go about the installation process. I am not sure what would have happened if we had lived there for longer. We’re about to know! Wow, this is a great article. This idea is fine and will serve to increase … I mean, if you wanted to? If you have a higher profile carpet that is plush and padded (like we do) you need to lay a solid surface down to make it firm. If you want to use glue or tape (this is not necessary in most cases) or you don’t want to worry about cleaning your carpet, you can always just lay a big sheet of plastic between your carpet and rubber. I hope this helps. Thank you George. I am really interested in doing this to my apartment, but I am a little aprehnsive. We have Berber carpet. However, it appears that your husband is quite the handyman! It’s just an extra step. I am on the verge of signing a lease for an amazing apartment, but the bedrooms are all carpeted. The lower... View It as a Temporary Solution. There are some sound dampening underlayments made of cork or rubber to limit … Turns out that the cost of board is same as the floor (6mm). Since the wood is custom cut, I don't know how much of it would fit the right way in another room, but it's a possibility! In my experience it is almost impossible, but luckily, it’s almost never necessary. It’s not. Avoid using materials with distinct raised grain patterns, which can affect the … A quick vacuum was all it took to make it look like new again. Otherwise you can still lay rubber rolls with double-sided tape or adhesive and they’ll stay in place. I’ll like to keep it simple buy well done and lol great lasting. How to Install Temporary Flooring Over Carpet, Horse Stall Mats vs. Gym Floor Mats: Which are…, Rubber Garage Flooring : What You Need to Know, How to Install Carpet Yourself: 3 DIY-Friendly Options, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/underlayments/all.html#!filter=389, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/pre-cut-plyorobics-roll.html, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/custom-cut-eco-flec-roll.html, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/pre-cut-regrind-roll.html, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/rubber-roll/15mm-plyo-rolls-designer-series.html, https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/vinyl-roll/plyorobic-rolls-wood-series.html. Impact Rolls – Wood Series: https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/vinyl-roll/plyorobic-rolls-wood-series.html. Granted you still have the carpet underneath and you can hang things on the wall to help buffer sound too. The answer is a big, fat YES you can! PVC Modular Floor Tiles are the Best Home Gym Flooring to Install over Carpet Top Features of the StayLock PVC Athletic Floor Tiles . It’s in beautiful condition except now we have animals.. I’m hoping we can lay wood flooring on top as you suggested. So, you’re ready to create your own home gym? Rubber flooring can be secured with a glue-down solution or double-sided tape. This tutorial is great if you have a firmer floor to begin with, if not then take my advice and add the extra step of laying down something like OSB. Try putting something on top and standing on it – it should feel solid and sturdy. No cutting necessary and it fits in the car with … will smush and flatten your carpet unevenly. When placing plywood sheets over plush carpet, lay them in the opposite direction the floor will go. Dear Nat, thank you for your super helpful sharing! I hope this helps! What kind of plastic sheets would be adequate for protecting carpet from the rubber tiles? Stainable and paintable plywood … Just the OSB board on top of the carpet then the laminate. Anyway, it's there now. Thank you! Good luck with your home gym, and let us know if we can help you with your flooring! Thanks for sharing your experience. I mean, really! Thanks for your question! Putting Plywood Over Carpet For Gym Flooring We have also heard of people putting a layer of plywood over their carpet prior to installing rubber. In the end though we were not able to get our first choice apartment, but it’s okay because our second choice was actually a little bit more spacious believe it or not. Hi Natalie, I was reading plywood attracts roaches and wood bugs, did you have any issues with bugs, roaches? it looks good i have carpet to much work Lots of people are going the long way, applying insulation on the floor, play wood 1/2”to 1” and the another thick layer of the vinyl, carpet or rubber flooring. We lived in the apartment with furniture on it for two full years. But I do love your recommendations. Once you rip out the carpeting, you can easily install your perfect gym flooring on the nice sturdy subfloor. Even with that we still have some boards that have started to peel up. After putting the layer of plywood over your existing carpet, you can proceed to glue the pieces of carpet tiles according … Attach tack strips around the perimeter of the room with nails, at least two nails per strip. The important part is to make sure you have that plywood underneath because if not the floor will flex too much. I have a large carpeted area and I’d like to put rubber flooring over part of it. I can only imagine if it was carpet and babies instead of tile and dogs. Plywood used as underlayment for sheet vinyl flooring should also have a sanded, smooth surface on the topside. Off to Home Depot! You can use either of these ramps, depending on the thickness of the rubber flooring you’re using. @FlooringIncCom Here is more information on installing rubber flooring. Can the interlocking rubber tiles be laid over the pad or should I remove the pad as well? It looks fabulous! I saw you posted you moved and installed it again how did the rug look after you removed the first one? We are renovating an apartment and trying to install a 3/4'' solid hardwood floor in the living room. Wood laminate flooring directly over the carpet. Do you put the OSB spaced our or completely next to one another under the harder flooring? It can add a whole new level to your building and installation process. Glad I could help! Is this a good idea or a bad idea if i have an upstairs apartment? You can see the entire results in this time-lapse video we took during the carpet removal. • Caulk Gun. we’ve heard that rubber alone may not always be the best solution for insulation. That’s a horse of a different color. i am going to put a hardwood floor over my carpet it is very low pile capret. That is an awesome idea!! And easily. If you are using more than one sheet of plywood… It is commonly used beneath a finished floor of some kind, such as … Use Plywood Between the Carpet and Rubber If you’re living in a rental and you can’t alter the space or if you’re 100% set on keeping your plush carpet, there is still an option! You want a happy medium, so I suggest you measure your space to find out how thick the plywood can be when added to the thickness of the flooring you want. You can really use any gym flooring over your carpet as long as you follow the above instructions. I had one client do it themselves and they told me it worked out very well. But if it is already in your van, then I’d suggest adding the plywood and looking into a rubber underlayment. Can you take the flooring with you when you leave? I will definitely keep this article for the next time the subject comes up. Imagine lifting weights on a wobbly surface, or running on a treadmill with a wobbly subfloor. We are renting a place with white tile floors and a chocolate lab. I would suggest adding a foam underlayment below the rubber. This is the first question we need to answer. I think I was moving thing around before I published it. Great information, thank you! Article, Carpet, Gym Flooring, Indoor, Installation, Rubber Flooring, Published: February 8, 2017 |  Updated: May 20, 2020. For heavy flooring, such as hard tiles the subfloor should be thick plywood, but for soft flooring (vinyl, carpet and soft tiles) thin plywood … This was exactly the information I needed to start my @home gym. If you have a low profile carpet such as berber you can lay the laminate flooring right on top. Thanks for pointing that out. I am looking to install rubber flooring in a room that has plush carpet and have been told that removing the carpet isn’t an option. I’ve already removed the carpet. It felt like walking in a bounce house or something and J was worried that it would put too much stress on the flooring and cause the joints to snap. Orders are being shipped but some products may be delayed due to COVID-19. So we left more relief in that area, by spacing our plywood strategically to have more give in certain areas. At this point it has protected the carpet and it looks better than it does in the rest of the apartment. That is a recipe for disaster. You don’t want it to be so thin that it doesn’t offer a lot of support to the gym flooring, but if it’s too thick, the flooring might not fit under your doorframe. I will be (hopefully) using this in one bedroom that will be a “dog room”. How did we do it!? Can you install rubber gym flooring over carpet? What a genius idea! Hi Gary, Great question! The most common form of wooden subfloor is plywood . This is probably the question that we get the most. Interesting idea! Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! • Circular Saw with blade for cutting plywood. I am trying the same with IKEA laminate floor (as it is the cheapest I can find here in Australia). I also don't know the final cost of the project. This is exactly what I am looking for but wondering if this would work as just a mat. The metal … https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/gym-mat/shock-mats.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=comment&utm_campaign=Rubber%20Over%20Carpet 2. Also, let me start with a note. You mentioned that you got the flooring for 39 cents per square foot. It’s just not a good idea to put rubber tiles, rolls or even mats directly over your soft carpet. But if the carpet is that tight, you might as well just go with it. Facebook Plywood underlayment is a thin plywood material that is most commonly used under resilient flooring materials, such as vinyl and linoleum sheets and tiles. If the carpet pad is too thick, the tiles will still separate over the vinyl. Thanks for publishing! But good news! The type of wood board you use will depend on what the existing floor is made from and the type of floor covering you want to lay. So we pulled it all up and put down a particle board plywood called OSB, which J got from Home Depot for about $6 a sheet.