Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway is a Class III railroad active on 26 total rail miles in Montana.. An out-of-service line that is still owned by a railroad company would still appear on this map, as the point of the map is to show were trains no longer run, not its current legal status. Railroad Maps Trains magazine's collection of railroad maps is unique in its appeal to serious hobbyists and enthusiastic professionals. Vast: at least 395 miles (636 km) long. Contact Us: Maps This abandoned rail may or may not be associated with CM (the relations and some elements are named as if it is), or it may be owned by BNSF and formerly leased by CM, this is unknown. The Montana Railroad was an American railroad built and operated between the towns of Lombard and Lewistown, Montana, a distance of approximately 157 miles.The railroad connected with the national railway network via a connection with the Northern Pacific Railway at Lombard. Includes inset of "Northern Pacific Transport Company, Montana." Montana Public At-Grade Railroad Crossings: description: This web map displays public at-grade railroad crossings in Montana and the type of protection at each crossing. Whether created exclusively for our popular Map of the Month feature or as the graphics to illustrate a story, Trains maps are among the best you'll find anywhere to capture the rich details and overarching themes of great railroading. Milwaukee Road Abandoned Railroad (please tag this with a better name), Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, South of Butte (end of "BLM Spur" off Copper City Subdivision) - Three Forks - Harlowton - Ryegate - Roundup - Miles City. West Central - 2 Today, the Virginia City Shortline is a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery and learn about the surrounding area! Please improve tagging on any segment if you can; found in Abandoned section as "Milwaukee Road Abandoned Railroad.". Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Railroad is a Class II (medium-sized) railroad. Please enter here other heritage railroads in Montana as they are discovered. Currently, OSM's relation of CM active rail is 88.5 miles (142.4 km), its relation of disused rail is 8.5 miles (13.7 km). Railroads and Roads in Montana. According to a Trains Magazine article published in January, 2007 entitled, "Great Railroading: State-By-State," the project began as the Utah Northern Railroad, chartered on August 23, 1871. Initial stub entry; placeholder. of Montana Employee Rosters Gallery Great Northern Railway Northern Pacific Railway Milwaukee Road Soo Line - DMV&W. × Milwaukee Road abandoned ROW from Miles City (Transco, BNSF) in eastern central Montana west to near Butte. This is a multi-faceted ROW, part having become roads, jeep trails, mixed-use path for bicycles and pedestrians and many bridges, though a large number of bridges are no longer extant, leaving gaps in the relation. The Northern Pacific Railroad was completed in 1883 and ran across southern Montana. The Railtrails table needs work. About 79 additional miles of UP's Montana Subdivision continue south to Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Montana Rail System map includes what MDT calls "inactive" rail, usually entered in OSM as railway=disused, though what MDT calls "inactive" and how OSM prefers to distinguish between "disused" and "abandoned" isn't always clear. Most USA rail (including Montana) came from OSM's 2007-8 TIGER import. Northwest - 1 So a TIGER Review is necessary for rail as it is for highways. Montana Rail Link (reporting marks MRL) is a regional operation based in Missoula, Montana. There may be more branches/spurs to add here. Missoula (Arrowhead Street) - Missoula (Riverfront Trail), Missoula (McCormick Park - Kim Williams Nature Trail Area), Missoula (Russel Street Bridge - Jacobs Island Park), Bozeman (Museum of the Rockies - Deerfield Park), Great Falls (Visitors Center - 15th Street Bridge), Bozeman (North Wallace Avenue - Story Mill Road). A private freight carrier, 0.6 rail miles leased from BNSF in Montana. Discover (and save!) - Denton - Geraldine, Whitetail - Westby - North Dakota Line - Fortuna, North Dakota - Ambrose, North Dakota - Crosby, North Dakota - Flaxton, North Dakota / Portal Subdivision, S of Broadview off Laurel Subdivision - Coal mine between Signal Mountain and Elbow Hill, Mission Mountain Railroad (northern segment), Kootenai River Subdivision (BNSF) - Stryker - Trego - Fortine - Eureka, Mission Mountain Railroad (southern segment), Idaho line - DeSmet - Paradise - Missoula - Drummond - Garrison - Helena - Trident - Bozeman - Livingston - Laurel - Mossmain - Billings - Huntley, Silver Bow - Dillon - Monida - Idaho line - Dubois, Idaho - Idaho Falls, Idaho, E of Bainville (Glasgow Subdivision) - Plentywood, Glendive - Crane - Sidney - Fairview - (slips into North Dakota a bit, then back into Montana) - Snowden, The official state rail map says this is "inactive," so members of this relation are each tagged, Central Montana Railroad (disused) Could use better name, Glendive (Sidney Industrial Lead, Forsyth Subdivision) - Circle, Montana Rail Link (Drummond-Philipsburg disused), Yellowstone Valley Railroad (YSVR) is a Class III (minor) railroad, believed to have had or still does have trackage rights on the 71 km of BNSF-owned rail (or ROW only?) Montana Rail Link is a Class II (medium-sized) railroad on rail leased from BNSF via "trackage rights." MRL stretches over 900 miles of some of the most beautiful country in the world. UP is a Class I (major) railroad and a minor freight common carrier in Montana, with MDT's official rail map claiming 125 miles of active rail in the state. Tracks are tagged railway=disused. A private freight carrier, 1.5 total active rail miles in Montana. It is incomplete as there are many rail yards in Montana. Montana Town Names Riddle Activity. Railroad Maps, 1828-1900 Contains 623 maps chosen from more than 3,000 railroad maps and about 2,000 regional, state, and county maps, and other maps which show "internal improvements" of the past century. There is said (by same wikipedia article) to be some tourist passenger service during holidays, not much is known. Please contact John Althof at (406) 444-7247 with any questions. This is a Montana map taken from a 1920s atlas. Please improve tagging on any segment if you can. Relief shown by hachures. View of railroad tracks along the Missouri River from ghost town of Lombard near Toston, Montana. A BNSF locomotive idling on the tracks at the Troy, Montana railroad yard. Our employees are passionate about what they do and work at various locations across southern Montana from the Billings, Montana region all the way west to Spokane, Washington. all the railroads are identified with a number.