In every choice, there is an equal amount of advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and challenge, positive and negative. The suits and their love meanings. NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards. Another meaning of the Lovers tarot card are decisions between right and wrong and temptations. Lovers. The Lovers Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money. Fear or trust issues could be stopping you from jumping in fully, which is necessary for the relationship to flourish. The volcanic mountain in the background is rather phallic and represents the eruption of passion that happens when man and woman meet in full frontal nudity. This will bring harmony and balance to your life. You will develop a deeper understanding of your true self, your values and your beliefs and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. In a love or relationship Tarot reading The Lovers is one of the best cards you can get! In an existing romantic relationship or a situation that might point to possible love, the Lovers card in an upright position is very positive. The Lovers in a career Tarot reading can also indicate the possibility of getting romantically involved with a work colleague. If you are in a relationship, The Lovers reversed can indicate that while the sexual aspect of things is still great, you and your partner may not be on the same page in other important areas. This harmony and reciprocity can manifest itself in all areas of life: friendship, work, entrepreneurship or any situation in which two living forces join forces to pursue the same goal. The Lovers can also be related to heart health so make sure you are taking good care of your heart when this card appears. The man looks to the woman, who watches the angel, showing the path of the conscious to the subconscious to the super-conscious, or from physical desire to emotional needs to spiritual concerns. The Lovers (VI) is the sixth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. One person may be more emotionally involved than the other, and this gap could lead to disappointment and insecurity later down the track. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. Privacy and Terms. The Lovers Tarot reversed in a career context can indicate disharmony in a business partnership. Focus is on love, relationships and change. Behind the man is a tree of flames, which represent passion, the primary concern of the man. If your relationship continues to be peppered by arguments and a lack of respect for one another, then it could be time to let go. This will be more than mere infatuation. The bond between you and your partner will increase and deepen more than you can imagine. According to A.E. The serpent and apple tree represent the temptation of sensual pleasures that may take one’s focus away from the Divine. The relationship may have started off with you both feelings connected on many levels but you don’t feel as close as you used to. The Court cards and their love meanings. The Lovers reversed can also suggest inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. Financially, now is a good time to seek financial opportunities as you will be attracting good fortune. The Lovers card shows a naked man and woman standing beneath the angel, Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ and represents both physical and emotional healing. Click here to see what the Court cards have to say about your love life. Got questions? The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries. Be careful, make sure you understand and are prepared to accept the consequences of mixing business with pleasure if this gets messy. It shows a main character, placed in the center of the image, flanked by two women of very different appearance. A sexual connection, even an intense one, is not enough in itself to make a relationship work. Embarking on a romance with you suggests they are abusing their power. Interpretation. Love Meaning In a reading about love, the Lovers card is a great sign. In a health context The Lovers Tarot card in a reversed position indicates that you need to reconnect with how your body is feeling to bring harmony and health. The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: Element and Symbolism The Lovers tarot depicts a naked woman and man standing beneath the angel. The Lovers bear the number six. It can indicate being materialistic and seeking instant gratification by material means. If you are single The Lovers does indicate a relationship is coming your way but it may not happen as soon as you hoped. There will be an intense attraction and sexual passion as well as romance and a deep connection and mutual understanding. In general when The Lovers Tarot card appears it is an indication that you have major choices to make or are faced with a dilemma. Fresh, modern tarot interpretations. It can also be a signifier that one partner is more emotionally invested in the relationship. Instead of making a decision based on your values, you feel tempted to cut corners and avoid responsibility for your actions. Learn the Tarot card meanings with Tarot Card by Card. The Lovers's Meaning. There will be a secure connection within … Don’t get frustrated at your body just give it the time it needs to heal. The number of The Lovers Tarot card is 6. In a committed and a romantic relationship, it means the bond that the man and the woman share. UPRIGHT LOVERS MEANING To help you out of this place, you will need to focus on articulating your personal belief systems and values. This card is one of the Major Arcana cards. All prices in USD. You may be feeling uncertain about situations, people in your life or what direction you should take. It is a soulmate card and signifies kindred spirits and an intense bond between two people. Keywords: romance, partnership, love, choices, duality, opposites, union. ​eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thetarotguide_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',146,'0','0'])); The Lovers in a health reading is a signifier that having the right support will help you to get through any health issues. The Lovers Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings The Lovers Card Meaning The Lovers card in Tarot symbolizes (you guessed it) love, as well as romance, connection, attraction, and perfect harmony. Gather all your facts together to make the right decision. In general when The Lovers Tarot card appears it is an indication that you have major choices to make or are faced with a dilemma. Even if it seems like a difficult path, it will lead you on to greater things. The main meaning of the upright Lovers tarot card is (pretty obvious) love, as well as romance, attraction, and perfect harmony. There is also a psychic connection between you. A recent experience or inner struggle is prompting you to revise your thoughts and feelings about love. Tarot card images courtesy of the Everyday Tarot, The Wild Unknown and Lumina Tarot. This may be a partner or friend who is offering moral support or a doctor or healthcare provider. Focus on your spiritual side and discovering the true you. Passion is the main meaning of The Lovers Tarot card. Love, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, relationships, major choices, romance, desire, sexual connections, shared values.