It does rear-facing well, it does forward-facing well, and it will work well as a highback booster too, at least for a while until it’s outgrown by height. All opinions expressed are those of the author. In all seriousness, Graco has a winning formula with the 4Ever platform: it’s easy to install, easy to use, and fits a wide variety of children. Search for current and historic Graco instruction manuals here. To install the Graco 4Ever DLX rear facing with the lower anchors, first check that the lower anchor webbing is in the rear facing belt path. This carseat has a lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture. This Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat is a whopping $100 off today ... For installation, it features an InRight LATCH system which, according to the claim, provides a one-second LATCH … SnugLock tensioning lockoff does the heavy work for you! This seat has … My preference with tensioning devices like the SnugLock is to use the seat belt for installation. The 4Ever has a nice 10 positions non-rethread harness height adjustment and dual cup holders. My baby is 5 months 18lbs and 20 inches. The TrioGrow installs like a dream: super easy and doesn’t take up a whole lot of room in your back seat. ), but it’s also nice to know that with the easy-to-use SnugLock lockoff, you won’t need to figure out an unfamiliar vehicle’s seat belt locking mechanism at your destination when you’re tired and possibly frustrated. G is 6 years old and weighs 43 lbs. Shell height with headrest: 30” Inflatable Seat Belts without padding. I really like the Rapid Remove cover because you can select the section that needs to be cleaned instead of washing the whole thing. When installing the TrioGrow with an inflatable seat belt, make sure the SnugLock lockoff is closed and thread the seat belt over the top of it. My guy is very small.. so probably won’t need the extra 10 pounds of rear facing. All opinions at CarseatBlog are those of the individual author for informational purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect any policy or position of Carseat Media LLC. Graco4Ever has a range between 6 inches, its lowest harness position, and 18 inches, which is its maximum. It's comfortable for your child and convenient for you as it transitions from rear-facing infant car seat (4 … All information is provided on an as-is basis for readers in the USA and Canada. *Because of the shape of the infant insert, it was difficult to get an accurate measurement. Don’t forget about our comparison database! You can see the combination of the angle at which the shoulder belt comes out of my vehicle seat and how it hits the shoulder belt guide causes it to curl a bit, but it still sits flat on his chest. Summary of Contents for Graco 4Ever. Graco® 4Ever® Car Seat. The Graco 4Ever DLX is a high-end Graco option with a price to match. Enjoy 10 years of use from this Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat. Our Advanced Search will help you find manuals in languages other than English, too. It’s easy, though. They are both equipped with the Graco InRight Latch installation system, which can make installation … Graco took one 4Ever All-in-One carseat, threw it in a container with a lock-off that spins 360°, shook everything up really well, and out popped a TrioGrow SnugLock. Shoulder width: 14” may use recline positions #4, #5, or #6, while kids over 40 lbs. I’m looking at buying this but I have found the gracious extend2fit pushes her head forward…do you find this pushes your babies head forward? However, this won’t be your go-to for a 3-across since it’s 19″ at its widest point. The TrioGrow is super easy to install with the SnugLock arm, with either the seat belt or the LATCH belt. The TrioGrow fit well rear-facing behind my driver’s seat in my 2016 Tesla Model X and in the 2018 Ford Focus my husband was driving while his 2018 Tesla Model 3 was being repaired. Shoulder belt guide height: 18 ½ ” When it comes to the booster weight limit, they both are usable up to 120 pounds BUT the Graco 4ever has an option to convert it to a backless booster seat. Tech tip: recline the carseat first and the harness will stay put more easily in the compartment and you won’t need to be an octopus and wrangle it vertically. It’s truly the perfect blend of what you could want in a carseat: Graco You will also have to remove the front corner of the side cover in order to have room to get to the small-ish belt path. Other types of inflatable seat belts are still incompatible for use with the TrioGrow. Seat depth: 12” The version reviewed here is the TrioGrow SnugLock LX. Kiddos under 40 lbs. Baby E is 4 weeks old and about 9 lbs. Page 2 1 Important Pages 6-27 1-A Quick Guide to Your Manual 1-B Welcome to the Graco … Probably the most challenging part of the installation will be moving the LATCH strap from the rear-facing belt path to the forward-facing belt path. And why not? Pull all the LATCH stuff close together, then slide it up the metal bar; slide it behind the harness and through the forward-facing belt path. The addition of the SnugLock lockoff to a 4Ever-platform carseat makes this seat a good travel option too if you don’t mind a slightly heavier carseat with which to travel. Installation was easy using either LATCH or seat belt in the vehicles in which I placed the TrioGrow. The LATCH connectors on my LX version are Graco’s InRight™ push-on style, so nicer and easier to use than the hook-on style. If you love the classic Graco 4ever and the 4ever … Hi Nonnie. Page 2 1 Important Pages 6-25 1-A Quick Guide to Your Manual 1-B Welcome to the Graco … Belt fit is good: the lap belt is low on his hips/thighs and the shoulder belt is solidly across his shoulder. Hang to dry. Graco has determined that the TrioGrow CAN be installed with inflatable seat belts found in some Ford Motor Company vehicles. In all seriousness, Graco has a winning formula with the 4Ever platform: it’s easy to install, easy to use, and fits a wide variety of children. Graco 4Ever and Graco Extend2Fit apply 5 point harnesses to really keep children buckled in and safe. Fortunately, we have a video to show you how: LATCH Weight Limits The Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4-in-1 convertible car seat offers 10 years of use for your child in one seat. Ultimately it doesn’t have to look pretty since it’s under the cover behind the child’s back and the child won’t feel it, but you do have to make sure the harness won’t get in the way of the LATCH belt if you’ll be LATCHing the seat in while using it as a booster. I’m also terrible @ installing car seats.. so this SnugLock is the main selling point on the Triogrow! Learn how your comment data is processed. The Graco 4Ever All-In-One Convertible Six-Position Car Seat is a seat that many of us in the car safety community have been waiting for for a long time; an attempt to create a seat that parents could use … I know that every ounce counts when your plane is at that last gate in the airport (they always are! One Facebook user says that while she’s been able to get good use out of her Graco 4Ever car seats, she would opt for an Extend2Fit or “something else that’s … Page 1 4EVER /4EVER ™ ™ FEATURING ALL-IN-ONE CAR SEAT Do not install or use this child restraint until you read and understand the instructions in this manual. Page 1 Do not install or use this child restraint until you read and understand the instructions in this manual. Graco … with padding, 17.7 lbs. I was also able to place it behind the passenger seat in the most upright position and the passenger seat was pretty far back. The seat belt can be easily adjusted more tightly or loosely if needed to close the lockoff versus the LATCH belt where you must sometimes deal with a stiff adjuster. The TrioGrow is FAA-approved when used with the harness. Your email address will not be published. must use the more upright positions #5 or #6. © 2007-2020 Carseat Media LLC, dba Car-Seat.Org, all rights reserved, Graco for providing the Graco TrioGrow SnugLock LX, 2011 Acura MDX Review: A Great Alternative for Families, 2016 Honda Pilot Review: Kids, Carseats & Safety. FAILURE TO PROPERLY USE THIS CHILD RESTRAINT INCREASES THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH IN A SUDDEN STOP OR CRASH. Some Gracos will do this because they don’t graduate the padding to the headrest. AND child’s head is 1” below height adjustment handle, Highback booster: 40-100 lbs., 43-57”, at least 4 years old, 360° spinning SnugLock lockoff that acts as a tensioning device for both rear- and forward-facing installations, Adjustable base with 3 rear-facing recline positions, 3 forward-facing recline positions, 1 booster recline position, No re-thread harness with 10 position headrest, On-board harness storage for booster mode. When used as a highback booster, the seat can be secured with LATCH up to 100 lbs., the maximum weight limit as a highback booster. Lock the retractor to make sure the seat belt stays tight. Here he is again in booster mode. Buckle Up with the Chicco KidFit, Tula Giveaway: Win A Celebrate Tula Free to Grow, 27 – 49″ (69 – 125 cm) and top of the child’s ears must be below the top of the headrest, child must not slouch or slide down in the booster seat, if the child will not keep the vehicle belt properly positioned, they should remain forward facing with the five point harness, High rear facing limits of 43″ or 40 lbs allow for extended rear facing well beyond age two, No rethread harness with a smooth harness adjustment, Included body and head support pillows ensure proper fit for newborns and small babies, Three possible rear facing recline options allow it to fit even in compact vehicles, Three possible forward facing recline options, Colour coded instructions on the seat and in the manual, UAS strap can be threaded into the middle for easy tightening during installation, Level indicator on the seat aids with proper installation, Installation is straightforward and explained well in the manual, Harness can be stored for high back booster use, Height of belt guides can be adjusted when used as a high back booster, UAS can be used to secure the seat to the vehicle when used as a high back booster, Provides good seat belt fit across the lap and shoulder in high back and backless booster modes, Does not specify a recline angle for newborn use, Seat cover material needs to withstand 10 years of use. Highly regarded for its impressive “EZ Tight LATCH” system, the Graco 4ever DLX Platinum seat offers snap installation and intuitive adjustments to help make the car seat tight and secure. RSS Feed. This is one area where I feel the TrioGrow comes up short; there’s not a lot of room to smoosh the harness, chest clip, buckle, and harness covers into the compartment and get the door to stay closed. Most kids don’t have an issue with their legs in most seats, so since you have trouble installing carseats, I would rank the TrioGrow higher on the list. External widest point: 19” If the LATCH strap or connectors interfere with the vehicle buckle or seat belt in any way, store it through the forward-facing belt path on the carseat instead. The TrioGrow SnugLock 3-in-1 is a different carseat, though, so as its name suggests, it only offers 3 modes of use: rear-facing, forward-facing, and highback booster. The 4Ever, on the other hand, has more longevity since it can be used for children up to 120 pounds while the Milestone caps out at 100 pounds.