If repositioning the gas line is not possible, a cabinet maker can create filler strips to cover the gap between the oven and the wall. I would watch what you are putting in them as they may get affected by the heat of the stove. BAS, the cooker wants setting up so that it is approx 2-3 mm above the height of the work surfaces. Hopefully, this information helps. read somewhere that you have to leave a 150mm gap either side of the widest point of a cooker hood (the silver-style chimney ones) before you start putting in wall cabinets. If crumbs remain, repeat the steps until the gap is free of crumbs. Perhaps you can help me. Cooker sizes will usually come in three standard widths – 50cm, 55cm and 60cm, while range cookers come in widths of 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. Wedge the knife into the gap between the stove and counter, and gently scrape any debris in your direction. Hi I need some advice on electric cooker installation. Wipe the crack or gap with the paper towel or microfiber cloth. The work surfaces should fit close to the side of the cooker, ideally the gap should be about 1-2mm wider than the cooker, makes it a bit difficult to slide in, but looks good. It might have to do with the vertical distance between top of hob and bottom of cupboards. Then, spray your trusty DIY kitchen countertop cleaner on a paper towel or very thin microfiber cloth. You may have to shorten the gas supply nipple protruding from the wall; this will allow the shut off valve to be placed closer to the wall. Bed Bath And Beyond has metal baskets that are oblong that you could put up so they are close to the level of the back of your stove. It sounds like a horrible lie to me. You can use filler pieces (panels) either side if you are worried about inside the units getting warm but its not essential. There is no need to leave a gap between your electric cooker and the units. I have mine on the stove control upper part, mine isn't like yours that is flat across to the back. Works as advertised, just what we needed, there is a little gap between the guard and the stove top, we'll see how much collects there after a while. Hello, Frank! This becomes a trap for all sorts of crumbs, splatters, and all sorts of undesirable things. My landlord is planning on fitting a cooker in my kitchen, I live in a pub and the kitchen is for upstairs in my flat. Note that as of autumn 2004 if you fit a 700mm wide hob (usually 5 burner units) then you must have at least 700mm gap or "bridge" in any wall cupboards. This model fits Frigidaire and Frigidaire Gallery 30-in. I designed my kitchen and was careful to put a 55cm vertical gap and then put the wall cabinets in line with the cooker edges. Cookers & range cookers Cookers and range cookers are freestanding appliances, which means they can be fitted into an appropriate space between your kitchen counters. Update - I have included a picture of the product after just 6 months, they started to seperate after about 3 months and then steadly increased to this witdth. The space between the oven and counter in my kitchen is so close that it might as well be called a crack. This model fills gap between back of slide-in ranges. slide-in ranges This model is 34.5 inches in depth, 3.75 inches in height and 6 inches in width. I have a heck of a time getting it clean. The closer the vertical gap, the wider the horizontal gap needs to be.