In New York and other northern areas, paper shell crayfish are probably the best species of crayfish to stock for pond culture. Toledo Goldfish Live Crayfish for Ponds, Aquariums or Tanks – USA Born and Raised – Live Arrival Guarantee. Generally, it is too early to drain the pond if you plan to fish it next season. Smaller crawfish produce fewer young on average, but more crawfish are purchased per pound. Clay loams, sandy clay loam and silty clay loams are satisfactory soil types. Most ponds benefit from 5-8 pounds of liquid or powdered, not pelleted, phosphorus per acre. It depends on your purpose of catching them. With crawfish, the idea is reversed. Figure 4. It isn’t until the rice canopy has grown thick enough to cover the water and keep its temperatures cooler that you can introduce crawfish into the pond. At least 50 per cent of the crawfish used as stockers should be females (Figure 3). Natural aquatic macrophytes can be encouraged to grow in shallow, crawfish ponds but this vegetation is a poor substitute for planted forage and crawfish production will be low. Best to ID crayfish positively if you aren't familiar with the process, researching their characteristics, then determine whether to stock or not. No part of this site may be reproduced without permission. Having crayfish in a pond isn't all bad. Crayfish (astacoidea) are a favorite food of both largemouth and smallmouth bass and can aid in growing bass to trophy size.They should be stocked at a rate of forty pounds per acre for establishment in ponds with existing bass populations; an ideal strategy is to stock them simultaneously with other supplemental forage species such as golden shiners or threadfin shad, as this spreads out … To ensure maximum benefits and achieve the most return for dollars spent while minimising risks, care should be taken to optimise a stocking strategy. Crayfish look like little lobsters, sporting very large front claws much like the Maine Lobster. -Mike Gannon. Elevations must be sufficiently high to allow t… A clay soil is necessary to hold water and to maintain the integrity of crawfish burrows. Existing ponds should be stocked with 100, 4-6 inch fish per acre to avoid having them eaten by the resident bass population. Furthermore, mixing females with varying maturity/egg stages, depending on when ponds are stocked and the length of time ponds will remain flooded after stocking, will aid in expanding effective spawning dates and lessen potential setbacks from unforeseen circumstances. In established ponds, however, where production occurs in the same location each year, crawfish populations are usually self-sustaining with no need for supplemental stockings, short of some major catastrophe that interrupts the normal life cycle, such as a major die-off (from pesticides or other contaminates) prior to successful burrowing. Crayfish breed in ponds so 20 may not seem like much now but in a few years you may have lots of them!! Redclaw Crawfish Stock. That’s when I’ll plant rice for the ducks and the crawfish. This means water temperature and oxygen should remain within acceptable ranges, and water levels should remain relatively constant. Nonetheless, for the most predictable results, at least half of the crawfish at stocking should be sexually mature. As a pond manager, your job is to learn the facts and make the best decisions you can make. Do y'all think they would be there? Do not use crawfish that were stored in a cooler. Source(s): Although daily nutritional needs are easily met after stocking (because of low densities of crawfish stocked), vegetative cover serves to protect stockers from predators and cannibalism and may serve to buffer the pond temperature. So, if your water system has a high quality, you can also produce a better crop of the crawfish. My question is, how far north geographically is acceptable to raise crawfish? Should I put them all in at the same spot? If no luck with them try googling a biological supply house, they typically have these type of critters! Add more if pond (or crawfish) conditions are questionable, and less if crawfish are already present. Stock all sections of the pond and place crawfish directly in the water, not on dry ground. Enjoy! ); also called crawfish, crawdaddys, mudbugs, are pretty commonly offered by pond center retailers. Your email address will not be published. How to Build a Crawfish Pond. Cooking Crawfish: When selecting crawfish for cooking purposes make sure they are alive.