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The canister round is also a highly effective breaching round and can level cinder block walls and knock man-sized holes in reinforced concrete walls for infantry raids at distances up to 75 meters (246 ft). [48][49] By December 2006 more than 530 Abrams tanks had been shipped back to the U.S. for repair. This gun arms the majority of the Abrams in service now as many of the early models were rebuilt with new turrets and armament. The U.S. Army has revealed its newest tank. It's a main battle tank, 48 tons in weight, powered by a diesel piston engine. The M1A1 Abrams tank with its revolutionary gas turbine engine was designed to fight massed Soviet armor in a rapid, bloody confrontation. The army also threw in a new 750 horsepower diesel engine and and also improved the level of protection in the form of flat-rolled glacis armor on the front of the hull. David Axe serves as Defense Editor of the National Interest. Due to the increased calibre, only 40 or 42 rounds are able to be stored depending on if the tank is an A1 or A2 model. [66][67] Specifically, GDLS estimated that closing the plant would cost $380 million and restarting production would cost $1.3 billion. It is a multi-fuel engine, which can run on any grade of petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and kerosene. The U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems XM1202 Mounted Combat System was to replace the Abrams in U.S. service and was in development when funding for the program was cut from the DoD's budget. When deployed, the grenades airburst, creating a thick smoke that blocks both visual and thermal imaging. A Wasp-class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) typically carries a platoon of 4 to 5 tanks attached to the deployed Marine Expeditionary Unit, which are then amphibiously transported to shore by Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) at 1 combat-ready tank per landing craft. [127] The Abrams-Crusader Common Engine Program was shelved when the Crusader program was canceled, however Phase 2 of Army's PROSE (Partnership for Reduced O&S Costs, Engine) program called for further development of the LV100-5 and replacement of the current AGT-1500 engine. The primary APFSDS round of the Abrams is the depleted uranium M829 round, of which four variants have been designed. If and when enemy contact is made, the tank conceals itself allowing the infantry to dismount.[133]. For logistical reasons, JP-8 is the U.S. military's universal fuel powering both aircraft and vehicle fleets. So even though the Abrams tank is heavy and bulky, it is surprisingly agile. Presidio. (Optional) A second coaxial .50 cal.