But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. But while the atoms thus differ in quantity, their differences of quality are only apparent, due to the impressions caused on our senses by different configurations and combinations of atoms. Overrides: write in class OutputStream write public void write(byte b[ ]) throws IOException Writes an array of bytes. How To Use Void In A Sentence? use "void" in a sentence In July of 1536, the authority of the Pope was declared void in England by an act of Parliament. 's defeat at Poltava (8th of July 1709); (2) the treaty of the 31st of August 1707, by which the emperor Joseph I. Void of course is when the Moon has, from the Earth's perspective, slowed down to enter the next sign. When a tribunal has ascertained that an inferior law is thus inconsistent, that inferior law is therewith, so far as inconsistent, to be deemed void. If the event is abandoned all single bets are void and wagers refunded while affected multiple bets will be recalculated excluding that leg. ", On the 31st of May 1775 a committee representing the militia companies of Mecklenburg county passed a series of resolutions which declared that the royal commissions in the several colonies were null and void, that the constitution of each colony was wholly suspended, and that the legislative and executive powers of each colony were vested in its provincial congress subject to the direction of the Continental Congress; and the resolutions requested the inhabitants of the county to form a military and civil organization independent of the crown of Great Britain which should operate until the Provincial Congress should otherwise provide or the British parliament should " resign its unjust and arbitrary pretensions with respect to America.". Examples of Void in a sentence. Void pronunciation. There can be no division inside this unity, for any such division implies space or void; but void is nothing, and, therefore, is not. Examples of Void in a sentence Since the judge did not sign the final page of the documents, our divorce is void. If you have the wrong flooring in a bathroom and it floods, it could cause major damage to your laminate and void your warranty. They are placed upon the trees in the spring, and at the close of the summer they void a peculiar substance which when melted forms wax. (6) It is sometimes said that a treaty must have a lawful object, but the danger of accepting such a statement is apparent from the use which has been made of it by writers who deny the validity of any cession of national territory, or even go so far as to lay down, with Fiore, that " all should be regarded as void which are in any way opposed to the development of the free activity of a nation, or which hinder the exercise of its natural rights.". Thankfully, Eco Lips is here to fill the void. On the 9th of July the marriage was declared null and void by convocation, and an act of parliament to the same effect was passed immediately. , Because John signed the contract when he was a minor, the terms of the agreement are void. There are 29 example sentences for void, and this page shows no. 84. When in 1410 Sigismund and Jobst were rivals for the German throne, Sigismund, anxious to obtain another vote in the electoral college, declared the bargain with Jobst void, and empowered Frederick VI. There were, it is true, `certain inconsistent conceptions, creations of thought to which nothing real and external corresponded, namely, time, space, void, and the idea expressed in language (Xcktov). ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . Here are some examples. Her words were wholly void of meaning. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Void size is a measure of how much of the medium consists of empty space. Mattel created American Girl dolls to fill a void that existed in the pre-teen market. Sometimes Uranus is given as a primoridial being, meaning that he had no parents, but sprang from the void as did Gaia. It is notable, besides, that Madison had always feared that the national congress would assume too great power, that he had approved of Supreme Court checks on the national legislature, and of veto power by a council of revision. Standing seam roofing installed without a contractor will also void its warrantee. If this requirement is not met, the form may be deemed null and void. GRAMMAR . A tribunal does this not because it has any right or power of its own in the matter, but because the people have, in enacting the Constitution as a supreme law, declared that all other laws inconsistent with it are ipso jure void. He accepted the Democritean theory of atoms and void and the plurality of worlds, but held a theory of his own that the stars are formed from day to day by the moisture in the air under the heat of the sun. 100 examples: Contemporary urban voids, as pockets of uncontrolled nature and activities…. What's more, it doesn't appear as though the void will be filled anytime soon. A veritable super nova in the black void that is Woodford. Madison's theory was that the legislature of Virginia, being one of the bodies which had chosen delegates to the constitutional convention, was legally capable of considering the question of the constitutionality of laws passed by the Federal government, and that the state of Virginia might invite other states to join her, but could not singly, as Calhoun argued, declare any law of the Federal legislature null and void. How to use void in a sentence. The Athenians mocked the shower as they leaped the void from bulwark to bulwark. It was usual to evidence the feoffment by writing in a charter or deed of feoffment; but writing was not essential until the Statute of Frauds; now, by the Real Property Act 1845, a conveyance of real property is void unless evidenced by deed, and thus feoffments have been rendered unnecessary and superfluous. How to use voided in a sentence. sweeper position to fill the void left by Hoddle's departure. How do you use void in a sentence? He checked himself in the middle of the sentence, lowered his eyes to avoid seeing her unpleasantly irritated and irresolute face, and said: 1. 3. His next important action was not so creditable; for he was, not exactly, as is often said, one of Cranmer's assessors, but, according to Cranmer's own expression, "assistant" to him as counsel for the king, when the archbishop, in the absence of Queen Catherine, pronounced her marriage with Henry null and void on the 23rd of May 1533. From some of these peoples and at one of these holy places, a group of Israelite tribes adopted the religion of Yahweh, the God who, by the hand of Moses, had delivered them from Egypt.2 The tribes of this region probably belonged to some branch of the great Arab stock, and the name Yahweh has, accordingly, been connected with the Arabic hawa, " the void " (between heaven and earth), " the atmosphere," or with the verb hawa, cognate with Heb. Beneath him was originally nothing but a huge void with muddy black water at the bottom, in which his image was reflected, becoming ultimately solidified into P'tahil, his son, who now partakes of the nature of matter. His statement is void of sincerity. Depending on the exact procedure used, it is possible to void the warranty on your Wii in doing so. He teaches how to eat, drink, cohabit, void excrement and urine, and the like, elevating what is mean, and does not falsely excuse himself by calling these things trifles. A husband may, however, convey his real estate, other than a homestead, by his separate deed, whereas a wife's deed for her real estate is void without the joinder of her husband. Null and void definition: If an agreement , a declaration , or the result of an election is null and void , it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Celestial physics, with its pure forms and void of all matter save extension, is not such an exemplary science after all. When sex is used to get a relationship going or worse as an act void of any emotional feeling, it diminishes sex and the people who engage in it. It is essential to check with the manufacturer of the CPAP machine before setting up any type of homemade battery backup system, as using certain types of batteries or cords may void the warranty or service plan on a machine. At the beginning of his year of office (Dec. 67) he succeeded in getting a law passed (de libertinorum suffragiis), which gave freedmen the privilege of voting together with those who had manumitted them, that is, in the same tribe as their patroni; this law, however, was almost immediately declared null and void by the senate. The hill from which the earth is dug is a dry mound, void of vegetation, beside the village of Kotschinos, and about two hours from the site of Hephaestia. This resolution read as follows: Resolved, that the several states composing the United States of America are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that by compact under the style of a Constitution for the United alien and sedition laws unconstitutional and therefore " void and of no force," principally on the ground that they provided for an exercise of powers which were reserved to the state. Under the previously existing law, simony, or "the corrupt presentation of any person to an ecclesiastical benefice for gift, money or reward," renders the presentation void, and subjects the persons privy or party to it to penalties; a presentation to a vacant benefice cannot be sold, and no clerk in holy orders can purchase for himself a next presentation. Asked by Wiki User. Method Summary void addPropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener) Register a listener for the PropertyChange event. 1. Grants and devises of advowsons, &c., by Roman Catholics are void, unless for valuable consideration to a Protestant purchaser (II Geo. Lambert saw this void and immediately sought to fill it. The one may regard it as a mere image, picture or representation of the higher being, void in itself of value or power. Their view was that "matter is not indefinitely divisible, but that all substances are formed of indivisible particles or atoms which are eternal and unchangeable, that the atoms are separated from one another by void, and that these atoms, by their combinations, form the matter we are conscious of. Victor filled the void left by Stefano DiMera and shared a history with Caroline Brady. Method Detail setValue public void setValue (Object value) Set (or change) the object that is to be edited. Since: 1.3 remove public void remove (int i) Removes one of the children at the given position. voiding example sentences. Being is the Full i pes, plenum); not-Being is the Void (nEvov, vacuum), the infinite space in which moved the infinite number of atoms into which the single:Being of the Eleatics was broken up. IOException - if there are IO problems reading the configuration. But a dispute with Francis, more than usually embittered, led in August 1780 to a minute being delivered to the council board by Hastings, in which he stated that "he judged of the public conduct of Mr Francis by his experience of his private, which he had found to be void of truth and honour.". By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. A mineral wool quilt is located inside the void depth. 4. The senate declared the proceedings null and void, because thunder had been heard; Saturninus replied that the senate had better remain quiet, otherwise the thunder might be followed by hail. The election was declared null and void. His 2003 film Touching the Void earned worldwide acclaim for its gripping true account of two climbers ' perilous journey in the Peruvian Andes. Britain, this charter shall be null and void - otherwise to remain firm and inviolable. South Carolina, however, insisted that its doctrine was sound, and in November 1832 passed an ordinance declaring the revenue laws of the United States null and void. There are 29 example sentences for void, and this page shows no. Examples of void in a sentence, how to use it. Arcade Void provides more than one thousand games for players to enjoy. "Think of a blackhole, but replacing a man's butt hole"His void consumed every man in prison, due to jail rape""The man sucked up a building, through his void, never to be seen again as in simons head is like a void meaning all three at once While this might look good initially, it can often be an excuse to fill the void that exists in the once-habitual routine of going to work, coming home, and socializing when possible. No person may hold more than one prebend in the same church; therefore, if a prebendary accepts a deanery in his church his prebend becomes void by cession. exact ( 1 ) We hope to fill a void in the literature by comparing these clinically similar diseases in an attempt to identify and explain differences in HRQOL outcomes. Silence was a perfection of void and nothing. Answer. any such corrupt cause or consideration, every such presentation, collation, gift and bestowing, and every admission, institution, investiture and induction shall be void, frustrate and of none effect in law; and it shall be lawful for the queen to present, collate unto, or give and bestow every such benefice, dignity, prebend and living ecclesiastical for that one time or turn only; and all and every person or persons, bodies politic and corporate, that shall give or take any such sum of money, &c., directly or indirectly, or that shall take or make any such promise, &c., shall forfeit and lose the double value of one year's profit of every such benefice, &c., and the person so corruptly taking, procuring, seeking or accepting any such benefice, &c., shall be adjudged a disabled person in law to have or enjoy the same benefice, &c. Admission, institution, installation or induction of any person to a benefice, &c., for any sum of money, &c., renders the offender liable to the penalty already mentioned. It is also important to ensure there are no exclusions that will void the coverage, such as certain global locations or recreational activities. But these " jigs," as the Elizabethans would have called them, dissatisfied the popular ear in one way: they were, like old English ballads, which they closely resembled, in rhyme, but void of alliteration, and accordingly they were modified and replaced by the " rimur," the staple literary product of the 15th century. For the Premier season, MacLaren dropped back into a sweeper position to fill the void left by Hoddle 's departure. See Also: setLocation, getLocation setLocation public void setLocation(int x, int y) Changes the point to have the specificed location. Forfeiture only renders a lease void as regards the lessee; it may be waived by the lessor, and acceptance by the landlord of rent due after forfeiture, with notice of such forfeiture. Synonym Discussion of void. While Leucippus's notion of Being agreed generally with that of the Eleatics, he postulated its plurality (atoms) and motion, and the reality of not-Being (the void) in which his atoms moved. , The Supreme Court declared the lower court’s decision void and overturned the ruling. huge void in whether to remain giant customers such. c. 10 makes void any assurance of lands to the use (to have obits perpetual) or the continual service of a priest for ever or for threescore or fourscore years. He glanced back once more at the void beyond the ledge and then looped the line around his body and stomped the few feet toward the cliff, trying to step without tripping in the cumbersome and unfamiliar foot wear. 6. By a breach on either side the treaty usually becomes, not void, but voidable. What is the difference between aggressive and passive aggressive? Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Applicants may qualify huge void in low cost auto insurance texas signed up his. A patent on the design by Otto had been declared void. Taking it to a shop is easiest and safest, particularly because opening the watch case can void a warranty, scratch it, or damage the water-resistant seal. They stubbornly considered null and void the confessions of Henry and Esterh醶y. No More Heroes fills a large void of adult games for Nintendo and a No More Heroes review fills the void of adult game reviews for the Wii. Many seniors choose to date in their golden years to fill in a void that may be left after the passing of a spouse. An important part of the dragoman's duties is to attend during any legal proceedings to which a subject of his nationality is a party, as failing his attendance and his concurrence in the judgment delivered such proceedings are null and void. Void definition is - of no legal force or effect : null. void⇒ vi intransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object- … This "mod" will likely void your warranty and it's possible that something could go wrong during this process. A voidable marriage, such as were marriages between persons within the prohibited degrees before the Marriage Act 1836, will be sufficient, but a marriage which is absolutely void as all such marriages now are, will not. When this occurs, the dog will start finding less conspicuous places to void in an effort to prevent his owner from finding it. User-defined subroutines may choose to care whether they are being called in a void, scalar, or list context. These atoms are eternal and invisible; absolutely small, so small that their size cannot be diminished (hence the name IITOµos, "indivisible"); absolutely full and incompressible, they are without pores and entirely fill the … We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The marriage of cousins of the first degree is declared incestuous and void. void n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Any unapproved editing by either party makes the agreement null and void. He will be curious and may take a while, but be patient and he will eventually void. The contract was declared void. Nay, then, I swear it by the tomb of my brother, whom Death met in the highway, and because he loved the sun, and the talk of men, and the ways of women, rashly smote him out of the garden of life into the void . The series also offers wholesome entertainment, which is often void in most reality TV shows. fibrein viscosity is the critical parameter in producing fiber composites with low void content. See Also: add remove public void remove( component comp) Removes the specified component comp) Removes the specified component from this container. His conclusion is that Anglican orders are " absolutely null and utterly void.". Webster argued that the Federal Constitution gave to Congress control over interstate commerce, and that any interference .by the legislature of a state with this commerce was unconstitu - tional and void. Additionally, unless you use a certified ski technician, the warranty on your bindings will be void. Cranmer suggested that if the canonists and the universities should decide that marriage with a deceased brother's widow was illegal, and if it were proved that Catherine had been married to Prince Arthur, her marriage to Henry could be declared null and void by the ordinary ecclesiastical courts. Dogs will often void after being worked up, so after playing with them, it's important to let them outside so they can relieve themselves. synchronized void remove( MenuComponent m) Removes the specified menu bar from this frame. Aubert was one of the minority who signed the agreement with the reservation that in so doing he would not violate any law, and was elected pope on this understanding; not long after his accession he declared the agreement null and void, as infringing the divinely-bestowed power of the papacy. At the election of 1904 an amendment was adopted which provides that whenever 10% of the voters of the state, as shown by the votes of the last preceding election, express a wish that any law or resolution of the legislature shall be submitted to the people, the Act or Resolve shall be voted on at the next election of the state or county officers, and if a majority of the voters approve the measure it shall stand; otherwise, it shall become void.