There are some other items that work as well. A bird house is used to set bird house traps on Fossil Island requiring 5 Hunter. This article was created with the help of Thurco, a member of the high level community, who streams regularly on Twitch. It can be made at 5 Crafting using logs on a clockwork with a chisel and hammer yielding 15 experience. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Those with a tick are effectively faster XP per hour than the fastest possible Hunter XP method at that level. Instagram Twitter Facebook Sign in to follow this Followers 0 Birdhouse level requirements and xp rates. So, overall, it gives a slightly slower XP rate. Those with a tick are effectively faster XP per hour than the fastest possible Hunter XP method at that level. After collecting a completed trap, you firstly need to activate the 3 tick cycle with the herb tar. If you were to go from 80 – 99 just doing Herbiboars, you would get a total of over 15 000 different herbs. But, with Celastrus Bark, it takes 4 game ticks. For example, for the most basic birdhouse run on fossil island gets you around 280xp per bird house, x 4 birdhouses. By using the RuneLite or OSBuddy client, it instantly shows you the tracking path of Herbiboars, allowing you to focus a little bit less. This article shows the 3 fastest and most efficient Hunter training methods in the game, as well as some insight into the effective XP per hour of Birdhouses. This means that the price information for this item is possibly very inaccurate and should be used with caution. At 1.2K exp per with 4 Birdhouses, that is 144K exp per 60 Minutes. OSRS splashing guide reviews 1 - 99 level of Magic splashing techniques, best methods, and spots to train OSRS splashing most cheaply and quickly. With this technique the player sets up bird houses on Fossil Island and fills them with seeds. The fastest Hunter training method in the game is Black Chinchompas in the Wilderness. However, that does use up time where you could be resetting traps. You can also kill off the Chinchompas with your main Hunting account instead of using an alt. While it is a dangerous area with an Alt, you can get a maximum XP rate of 280 000 per hour, depending on PKers and RNG. 12/05/20- Details of OSRS Tempoross Boss with Location, XP Rates & Stats Previously we have introduced some basic information of Tempoross. When you are training Slayer, it is very easy to be inefficient. So, essentially, at the efficient rate, all of the Birdhouses are the fastest XP at every level. Level 43 - 59: Spotted Kebbit and Dark Kebbits A method that I used to hate due to how quickly my inventory would fill up because of the rapid catching, being able to shift-drop bones and fur makes this an extremely fast way to train your Hunter! By marking these 3 exact Chinchompas, you can see that they spawn all around the box trap placement area. For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a 1 – 99 Slayer Guide, which I have never released on my channel before. I hope you learned something useful in this article or enjoyed. Splashing in OSRS is the act of purposely getting below -65 magic attack bonus to hit only 0 damage on an enemy when casting a spell. A more recent addition to the game was Celastrus Bark, and it is an item that allows you to start a 1 tick cycle slightly faster than herb tarring. The main benefit of them is the massive amount of herbs – particularly for Ironmen. The technique for 1 tick placing your traps is very important to get the maximum XP rate. It might not give you the highest XP rates, but if you’re in need of money and cooking XP it’s a decent option. So, the second fastest Hunter method in the game is Red Chinchompas, which are initially unlocked at 63 Hunter. Bird house trapping is a Hunter technique that is used to catch birds. This is a very cost-efficient way of training your cooking in OSRS. His mom had passed a few years earlier. Chinning EXP Rates Chinning experience rates depend on your location (MM1 tunnels or MM2 tunnels), whether you use black/red chins, attack style (short or medium fuse), and whether you use the 2-tile method or the AFK method. Levels 75-99: Chinchompas Chinchompas are unlocked at level 45, but it’s recommended to start using them when you are above lvl 70 Ranged. and if you enjoy this series, be sure to let me know. You should place the traps in a double sided arrow formation like this, since you can place six traps in the Wilderness. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As players level up the Hunter skill, they gain the ability to catch creatures which award greater amounts of experience when they are caught. Additionally, when you move to that next tile, you have started a 1 tick cycle, which allows you to continuously 1 tick place down the traps without having to herb tar again. Gp/Xp Calculator Page Guide Rows colored orange indicate that item is inactive. Although, once you reach above level 95, the fastest method is overtaken by Black Chinchompas and very close to Herbiboars and Red Chinchompas, which are the 3 methods I will be talking about in this article. This means that in a full hour of time, you can do 20, 30, or 40 Birdhouse runs. Nice chunk a change,xp and honestly enjoyable, to me atleast. At the end of this article, I have linked a really good guide by Frublox that shows exactly how this Black Chinchompa method is done. So, it is about 1.2 seconds faster. ute Runescape 3 and OSRS Swap Rates using live market data. This Hunter method with Black Chinchompas at the max XP rate gives a profit of over 2 000 000 per hour, provided that you do not get PK’d. Another benefit of using an Alt is that you can use an, At the end of this article, I have linked a really good guide by, One more important thing that is worth mentioning is that all of these training methods are, and if you enjoy this series, be sure to let me know. But, This is not exactly need with Red Chinchompas, since there are so many within the private cave. I introduced a buddy to OSRS. The technique for 1 tick placing your traps is very important to get the maximum XP rate. This gives approximately 4k XP/hr at level 34." There are some other items that work as well. Once again, you should be 1 tick resetting your box traps, and taking advantage of … This osrs chinning guide covers both MM1 and MM2 locations, gear/inventory setup, and how to chin with the bonecrusher necklace. However, that does use up time where you could be resetting traps. its more about the amount of time you are actively doing hunter for the amount of exp you get, so if it takes you like 5 mins for that 4 * 280xp, then thats 1120 exp for 5 minutes, then thats 13,440 exp per hour, but it depends on what birdhouse you use and how much time you actually spend doing it, The thing about a birdhouse run is that it takes about 2 minutes to do. With that, you can use an Alt account to shoot any of the Chinchompas that move away from your traps. There absolute best place to catch Red Chinchompas is in the private hunting ground after the Hard Western Provinces Diary. edit: There's a typo somewhere since formula says "Hunter level x birdhouse space x 117. I am just letting you guys know that there will be a small delay until the next upload because I want to make sure that it is perfect. It is a great idea to bring along a herb sack for this reason, and stamina potions are helpful as well to consistently run while you are hunting. If you add that 2 minutes up to equal an hour over a long period of time it becomes very good xp/hr. In this video I demonstrate a quick and easy method to obtain bird nests on OSRS! You’re not getting the xp in one hour, but every 2 minute trip is equivalent to 55k+xp/hr and with hunter it’s basically always the most efficient method. A full Birdhouse Run, including getting supplies and going to the bank, takes a maximum of 3 minutes, which is still being pretty conservative. Training Hunter within the Wildernessallows players to deploy an extra trap. So, having an alt here can really speed up your XP since you are only targeting 3 Chinchompas. It only takes like 2 minutes or less to do a Birdhouse Run so over 60 minutes you can do 30, even if you have to wait an hour between them. The Gold Swap Rates are updated multiple times per day. There are also some alt methods and even some money making methods to get the skill cape. Red Chinchompas give around 1 000 000 GP per hour, and Herbiboars average only 300 000 per hour. This OSRS Agility Guide will be mainly focussed on using rooftop courses to reach 99 as this is the fastest way. I’m a bit confused around the idea that birdhouse runs are the most efficient methods and minimum 55K xp per hour (even mentioned on the OSRS wiki).