Also known as 'Blue Swede' or 'Idaho blue' and was voted German "potato of the year … Unlike russet potatoes, they do not fluff up as lightly when cooked, remaining … (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) (Image credit: … Sixteen Kinds of Potatoes. This plant is from the nightshade family and related to tomatoes and tobacco. Maris Peer produces good yields of small, new or salad potatoes that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. If you’re new to growing potatoes then we have plenty of advice on to get you started with our handy ‘How to grow potatoes’ guides. A division of BVG Group Ltd. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Vegetable Seeds. Was voted as German "potato of the year 2010". Another fact, Australia has a world class potato research station at Toolangi in Victoria where they have developed varieties such as Otway Red and Toolangi Delight. The annual diet of an average global citizen in the first decade of the 21st century included about 33 kg (73 lb) of potato. Read on to find out which potatoes fit into these three basic categories. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of potato varieties; they vary in texture and behave differently when cooked. From first earlies to late maincrops, and everything in between. Rooster makes a great choice for your Christmas dinner. They work well for crispy roasted potatoes, boiled, steamed, or simmered for soups and stews. Boil or steam them whole and enjoy alongside those late summer salads. As a general rule, most potatoes tend to fall into one of two categories; floury or waxy. *Your 20% discount only applies to plants, bulbs and seeds.© 2020 Thompson & Morgan. Joseph Erdos/The Huffington Post. Red Norland. This is a list of potato dishes that use potato as a main ingredient. Because the skin is fairly thin, you can cook and ... French Fingerlings. Medium-starch potatoes, called "all-purpose" potatoes, have moderate levels of starch and moisture, making them suitable for most potato recipes if they're not overcooked. Joseph Erdos/The Huffington Post. Russets grow from 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) long and about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. These potatoes also have coloured skin, but many varieties with pink or red skin have white or yellow flesh, as do the vast majority of cultivated potatoes. Mashed Potatoes: Boil the potatoes in large chunks until they are fork-tender.Mash 'em with an old-fashioned hand masher, or a rice mill. Types of Potatoes in Australia In fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Maris Piper has been a popular maincrop since the 60’s. An early bulking variety with good all-round disease resistance, well suited to the early processing market. It was voted German "potato of the year 2016". Potato cultivars can have a range of colors due to the accumulation of anthocyanins in the tubers. Floury potatoes are often deemed "unsuitable for boiling" by UK based websites. Yukon Gold -- All Purpose. 4. This well known variety is a chip shop favourite! 5. A Guide To Every Type Of Potato You Need To Know. The oval tubers are particularly uniform, with attractive red eyes and fluffy flesh that makes great jacket potatoes or chips. This purple ... 2. Potatoes are the third most grown crop after rice and wheat/maize but need the least amount of water to grow. This variety is particularly notable for its gently scented, purple flowers that make an attractive feature on the allotment or vegetable plot. Pink Fir Apple - Late Maincrop. The buttery flesh makes excellent baked spuds and mash! Good Varieties: Russian Blue, All Blue, Purple Cream of the Crop, Peruvian, Purple Majesty. Amora : Amora will produce high yields of uniform, oval tubers with yellow skins and flesh. Blue potatoes, also known as purple potatoes because of their high antioxidant which turns purplish when cooked, have medium starch and are great for steaming, baking, and boiling. Nadine, Kestrel, Maris Peer, Estima and Wilja are excellent second earlies for boiling. Whether you have a large allotment or just a balcony, you can still grow a decent crop. For the chance to be featured, share your plant pictures with uson Instagram by using the hashtag #YourTMGarden. 2. Potatoes with red skin are not only pretty, but their bright color makes them extra nutritious as well, and those aren’t the only reasons for growing red potatoes. Don’t be fooled by the name - this unusual coloured potato is best used in the kitchen for baking, roasting, mashing, boiling or making novelty blue chips. This is a list of potato varieties or cultivars. This list of sweet potato cultivars provides some information about varieties and cultivars of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas).Sweet potato was first domesticated in the Americas more than 5,000 years ago. Red gold potatoes have yellow flesh and red skin, a particularly striking combination. Purple potatoes (Solanum tuberosum spp.) This versatile potato makes a crunchy roastie, fluffy mash or a creamy baked potato. Idaho Russet -- Starchy. There are plenty of potato varieties to choose from. Arran Pilot - First Early. This flavoursome potato was voted top of our red-skinned varieties in our own taste tests. They are rarely cultivated because their yield is usually lower than that of improved varieties and are sought after by some amateurs as a curiosity. It has a reputation for producing colossal yields, similar to ‘Rooster’, and shows good drought tolerance which makes it a useful allotment variety. Potato ‘Setanta’ is a top choice for making deliciously fluffy roasties with a lovely crunch on the outside. List of Different Types of Potatoes. As of 2013, there are approximately 7,000 sweet potato cultivars. These round, small, red thin-skinned potatoes have a white and waxy flesh that is creamy when cooked. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking. Maris Piper - Maincrop. Russet (also called Idaho or Burbank) Arran Pilot is renowned for its deliciously earthy flavour - cook them straight from the ground to enjoy them at their best. This page was last edited on 24 August 2020, at 16:51. Red Potatoes. Rooster - Late Maincrop. Was voted German "potato of the year 2007". This will allow the skins to ‘set’ prior top lifting them. Midseason potatoes can be planted as late as the first of July, while late-season potatoes are the best variety to plant for winter storage purposes. The knobbly, pink skinned tubers have real character and make an attractive addition to your plate. The list below shows that there is more to it than the common Russets. Because of their popularity, there are numerous varieties available to the average individual. Eat them hot or cold as a new potato or a fabulous salad variety. This first early variety is a heavy cropper producing high yields of small, oval tubers if lifted early - perfect for salads or enjoyed as a new potato. THE NIBBLE, Great Food Finds, is an online gourmet food magazine with thousands of product reviews and glossaries, including types of potatoes. [15] The name spud for a small potato comes from the digging of soil (or a hole) prior to the planting of potatoes. Don’t be alarmed by the huge choice of varieties. The Red Bliss type of potato has smooth red skin that covers white flesh. "EU court annuls approval of BASF's Amflora GMO potato", "Nicola is the "potato of the year" 2016", Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan) - potatoes,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Maris Piper has been a popular maincrop since the 60’s. Home grown potatoes are always far tastier than shop bought spuds - and they’re great fun to grow too! The red skinned tubers have pale yellow, floury flesh that won’t fall apart during cooking. This sweet potato gets its name because of its deep red or purple skin, and it is perfect for any recipe that calls for grated or mashed sweet potatoes, including bread, cakes, and many other desserts. 3. White and Yellow Potatoes (All-Purpose) Red Potatoes (Waxy Variety of Potato) Red Bliss waxy potatoes. A reliable old favourite that remains as popular as ever! Types of Potatoes There are over 100 potato plant varieties with the most commonly purchased at the supermarket being the russet potato, specifically the Russet Burbank. Susceptible to potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis Ro1 and potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida Pa3/2,1. Because of their particularly high dry-matter content, these splendid spuds are perfect for making chips and deliciously fluffy roast potatoes with a mouth-watering, crunchy outside. Red Jewel Sweet Potatoes. For the best quality crops, leave the tubers in the ground for an extra 4 weeks after cutting back the foliage. This Irish potato has found its niche as a top quality late maincrop with a fabulous flavour. Indeterminate potatoes are loved by farmers, companies, and serious gardeners because they can grow upwards and produce tons of edible tubers. A late maincrop that will store for months! Red Garnet Sweet Potatoes. Red Pontiac. One medium baked potato (6.1 ounces or 173 grams), including the skin, provides ():Calories: 161 Fat: 0.2 … Purple Potato Varieties. Learn about the different types of potatoes in this potato glossary. The yellow colour, more or less marked, is due to the presence of carotenoids. 4 Types of Starchy (Mealy) Potatoes. Baked Potatoes: Bake the potatoes in a 375 degree F oven, pop them in the microwave, or toss them on the grill.Our comprehensive guide will have you making the best baked potatoes of your life in no time!. Delicious, however you choose to cook it.! Varieties with coloured flesh are common among native Andean potatoes, but relatively rare among modern varieties. Purple skin, slight whitish scab, blue when cooked. Top 10 Potato Varieties. Our Potato Selector Guide will help you find your perfect potato. Cultivation was initially permitted in Europe, but was later prohibited in 2013. List of Indeterminate Potatoes Varieties. Red Bliss potatoes are denser and low-moisture compared with other red varieties. Joseph Erdos/The Huffington Post. This resilient maincrop copes well with drought and shows good resistance to eelworm and blight. From the maincrop potatoes, King Edward, Maris Piper, Maxine, Arran Victory (steaming) and Celine are favourites. Learn more about red potatoes varieties in this article. From russets, reds, yellows, whites, purples, fingerlings and petites, there are a variety of potato options to fuel the body and the brain throughout the day. Potatoes are occasionally referred to as Irish potatoes or white potatoes in the United States, to distinguish them from sweet potatoes. No wonder it’s such a popular choice with allotment growers. A great choice for adding some colour to your dinner plate! Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’ has it all - incredible blight resistance alongside good slug resistance, and it even grows well on almost any soil. Potato ‘Salad Blue’ is a vigorous variety producing good yields of violet-skinned tubers with a floury texture that retains its colour during cooking. Joseph Erdos/The Huffington Post. From South America. A popular variety with restaurateurs for its excellent flavour and creamy yellow flesh, that won’t disintegrate with cooking. Red potatoes are smaller than russets, with smoother, almost waxy skin that is a – as its name suggests – red color, almost like a light or dull burgundy. Easy to prepare and pair with a variety of cuisines, potatoes lend themselves to convenient meal prep to fuel workouts throughout the week. Potatoes are underground tubers that grow on the roots of the potato plant, Solanum tuberosum. Purple Peruvian -- All Purpose. This reliable variety produces heavy crops of red-skinned tubers with a floury texture, making this a good ‘all rounder’ in the kitchen. All rights reserved. Starchy, waxy, fluffy, moist, dry, creamy, mealy, floury — all are commonly used to describe potato flesh. Potato ‘Cara’ proves extremely reliable on almost any soil. let you add color to the menu and additional nutrients to your diet. Susceptible to potato virus Yo. Also known as 'Blue Swede' or 'Idaho blue' and was voted German "potato of the year 2006". This traditional, first early variety produces white tubers with firm, waxy flesh. Alternatively, check out our Top 10 Potato Varieties listed below and choose from some of our most popular customer favourites. Low-starch potatoes, also called "waxy" potatoes, hold their shape well even after boiling. • Russet potatoes—also called old potatoes, baking potatoes, or Idaho potatoes (if they were grown in Idaho)—have an oblong, elliptical shape, and a rough, netted, brown skin with numerous eyes and white flesh. This purple flowered variety produces good yields of tubers with a dry, floury texture. 1. Inside, the waxy flesh is buttery yellow with a distinctive ‘nutty flavour’ that really sets it apart. Potatoes are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. They can come in the Red Bliss, Norland, and Red Pontiac variety. Most red potatoes have white, off-white or yellow flesh inside. The Potato Association of America Mailing Address: 37637 Five Mile Road, #399 Livonia, MI 48154 Phone: (734) 239-8022 Fax: (734) 677-2407 E-mail: This well known variety is a chip shop favourite! Sign up for the Top Pick Of The Week newsletter to have a top food review and a recipe e-mailed to you weekly. 1. 28. Pink Fir Apple is a heritage variety dating back to 1850, which is simply unmatchable by modern varieties! Other red-skinned varieties include red la soda, Dakota rose, Dakota jewel, red cloud and Norland. Katahdin -- Starchy. A favourite with our customers and well worth a try! Waxy potatoes hold their shape and have a firm bite, so they’re great for salads or simply boiled and dressed with butter. Cara - Maincrop. If Potato 'Abbot' is left in the ground the tubers will develop into larger, summer bakers or can be made into tasty chips. The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop.It is the world's fourth-largest food crop, following rice, wheat and maize. origin of 'Cyrano' is the result of a cross made in 1991 between 'Goldstar' and HO86E423 at HZPC, Metslawier, The Netherlands.