Distance Learning Opportunities: My role is to reassure you, give you confidence and provide the tools for you to restore balance to your home. Protect your own liability. Dog Training available in Suffolk, Essex, Stowmarket, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester. Does your dog make you feel embarrassed when out on walks or when visitors come over? £70. I cover the whole of the UK (and abroad when requested) and travel over 25,000 miles per year to address behaviour problems and to assess dangerous dogs for the courts. Blog. He was unsettled to start with, but soon fell asleep and remained that way until it became light the following morning. DOG BEHAVIOURIST Helping dog owners and puppy parents who feel concerned or helpless to gain empowerment through online consultations, using empathy and experience. I undertake ongoing training courses to ensure I remain up-to-date with current dog training and behavioural practices. Cheshire Dog Behaviourist. If your pet is insured, leading pet insurers in the UK now allow their policyholders to claim for consultations provided by accredited Clinical Animal Behaviourists. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of a plan that is designed to suit you and your dog based on the dog’s individual needs; not something randomly found on the Internet. Our courses cater, not only for the aspiring dog trainer and behaviourist, but also existing trainers and practitioners who wish to increase their knowledge and business growth, as well as the dog owner who just wants to learn more about their canine companion. I am an animal behaviourist and dog trainer based and operating in Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, and neighbouring counties. This was certainly the case here and so we agreed to focus more on relaxing ‘brain games’ for her, which still involve the owner and dog together, but a much more constructive way of keeping the dog occupied for sensible periods of time. Feel free to get in touch for more information. Dog walking service in and around Petersfield, Hampshire. I address all behaviours that occur both in and out of your home, as I feel it is important that your dog is observed in its normal environment, not for example in an office or a dog training hall. frequently refer to the support that I provide post visit. The importance here is that both you and your dog will be practising working together; not a case of your dog working for me. To place a baby gate at the foot of the stairs and to set Teddy up so that he has a comfortable sleeping option downstairs. The CFBA is proudly supported by Benyfit Natural. Constant cycles of attention seeking behaviour and barking result in increased stress levels for all concerned and by beginning to find ways to break these negative cycles can greatly help the dog to return to a more balanced state in and out of the home. Individually Tailored Training for Puppies & Older Dogs Do they become aggressive to strangers or other dogs? 1 min read. Whether you and your dog are struggling with major issues such as dog to human, or dog to dog aggression, separation anxiety or perhaps a more training related issue such as jumping up, excessive barking or pulling on the lead, I am fully qualified and experienced to help and advise you through this. As a qualified dog trainer, I visit clients in the North West of England including Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester to provide dog training and behaviour modification for dogs with problems.. Helen Leyland Boston, Lincolnshire UK. I will handle your dog where and when appropriate to demonstrate the techniques and timing for you to use, but in the main, I am here to help you to learn and develop these skills to help you resolve the concerns you have. I have studied long and hard to get to the level of knowledge and professionalism that I offer my clients. I am often asked to write for publications on topics relating to canine behaviour and training. Thank you to Pen for help with our gorgeous black pug Betsy. www.lindsymurray.co.uk. My role as a dog behaviourist in one to one consultations brings my enjoyment of helping people and my love of dogs together perfectly. Your dog behaviour consultation. Separation Anxiety. Behaviour Consultations & Methods – What to Expect Use our simple online enquiry form (click button) or email info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk or call me on 07788 857 092 today. I work with dogs, cats and horses in South Wales and offer Skype consultations covering the whole of the UK. Always think safety first as you protect three main elements by using a muzzle: Protect the dog from its own actions. Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training Courses. I follow up the home visit with written details of my time spent with you and the agreed plan. . Here is a selection of these articles that you may find useful and interesting. APBC Newsletters. Just as importantly, I offer ongoing support for the problems we address together and. Experience is, as already mentioned, the single most important element I bring to you and your dog. Offering Puppy training and adult dog training classes for puppies and dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. One to one in your home . This alone can have a profound effect upon a dog, leading to much calmer behaviour across the board. In this particular case, a number of sensible rules were implemented from the first night onwards. On receipt of the completed contact form, I respond back to you with prices and details of how I work. This is not the appropriate platform for me to go into full details on how we set about that, but by using a combination of common sense and consistency of effort, I can see how Bima will become much more settled into the future. If you want to be part of the solution and help lovable puppies as well as older dogs find good homes and improve their relationships with owners, a dog behaviourist is the best career choice for you. Do they pull on the lead? Completion of the Level 5 'Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour' Correspondence course results in the successful candidate being listed as a Behaviourist on our directory and gaining permission to use the IMDTB logo and title for all marketing material 199415464, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Find an ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist or an ABTC registered Veterinary Behaviourist. Providing on-going support through the initial turbulence of these changes is absolutely essential so that we have what could be called ‘owner compliance’. ), or any harsh training methods and equipment (such as shock collars, prong collars or choke chains) that would harm or distress you or your dog. The 7 Step Plan: The process typically starts with the completion of my enquiry form. My approach to resolving dog behaviour problems is calm and sympathetic, with an emphasis on positive leadership and reward-based dog training techniques free from harsh or unethical methods. This is not the full list, but I shall outline the main rules below: Please note that wide-ranging changes like this are not designed to be kept in place forever, though after a period of 2-3 months some owners often like the ability to be able to sit on the sofa without a dog there before they get a chance to sit down and so some access measures may remain in place. Lindsy Murray is a certified dog behaviour consultant based in Cheshire. M: 07788 857 092 | E: info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk. Having run a successful, full-time dog behaviour practice for approaching 20 years, I have a combination of experience, qualifications and practical skills with a proven track record. The assessment is followed by setting out an easy to follow plan to address your concerns; complete with demonstrations and coaching of the relevant dog behaviour techniques and training. Click on a region on the map to list all members in that region. Got a new puppy and life turned upside down? ... call me on 07734 830424 or email theo@dogidog.co.uk. I could immediately see that the owner was not in full control of her dog when things became stressful and so we discussed the importance of basic control and a recall that is acceptable on a pet dog level, under most if not all circumstances. About Me He was unsettled to start with, but soon fell asleep and remained that way until it became light the following morning.Over the coming week, Teddy’s waking times became later each morning and the prospect of a ‘normal life’ with Teddy became more and more of a reality. Given the tired faces on Teddy’s lovely owners, I knew that something had to be done that was relatively quick and meaningful for them to see that my approach would be effective and for them to experience a break from their on-going sleep-deprived state.In my experience there are two ways you can approach this sort of case:1. In 2020 some of the leading, progressive organisations came together to address the needs for self-regulation and improvement of dog welfare in the industry. I remain passionate about creating an understanding and rewarding bond between a dog and its owner. Subjects studied: Multi-dog households. Having run a successful, full-time dog behaviour practice for approaching 20 years, I have a combination of experience, qualifications and practical skills with a proven track record. My work as a dog behaviourist usually involves a one or two visit process, working with you in and outside of your home on a one to one basis. Ongoing CPD is a vital part of the veterinary profession and this section outlines the variety of training packages suitable for vets and vet nurses, that can be delivered in practice. I have a first class Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behavioural Counselling from the University of Southampton. Having been virtually an addict all my life, in 2009 I was finally in the position to enable my dream to come true and begin working in the dog care industry. We then reviewed the need for these measures on my return visit. In light of the need for additional control, we introduced a long training line so that Bima could still express natural movement and behaviours, but that the owner was able to go through a three-stage process whereby the recall training can start afresh with a view to eventually removing the line and still have a reliable recall in place. 8929823 |. To not return to Teddy at night under any circumstances. If you live between 20 – 25 minutes away, an extra £10 will be charged. I travel to you to help you in your home or in a location where the dog’s behaviour is a problem. I demonstrated how as soon as we spotted any signs of a potential for escalation in her state we stopped her straight away using the line, brought her back to our feet and rewarded her calm behaviour with high-value food as we continued to distract her. Continual Professional Development for Animal Professionals My day-to-day work as a dog behaviour specialist covers all aspects of dog behaviour problems across a wide range of dog breeds. "Everyone who sees Pip now cannot believe how he has changed in the last few months and we can’t thank Dave enough for everything he has done to help us and Pip achieve what he has in such a short time.”, Marilyn A | StibbardPip – German Short-haired Pointer, Content © 2012 - 2019 David Brice Dog Behaviourist & Trainer | Disclaimer | Privacy & Cookies Policy | Site by ID Design, Norfolk | DB Login, ‘Behaviour Consultations – What to Expect’. So in summary, by carrying out a complete assessment of the behaviours exhibited both in and out of the home, it is possible to make a comprehensive change for the better. Useful Features and Press Articles Dog Behaviourist Based in Lowestoft but Covering most of Norfolk and Suffolk. Dogs have a far greater capacity to cope with change than we give them credit for…it can be the humans that struggle more than the dogs in some cases. Improving the quality of life for you, your family and your dog is probably one of your main desired outcomes of any behaviour modification or training plan. My combination of experience, skills and up to date knowledge makes me ideally suited to help you resolve your dog’s behavioural problems. It has to be said that Teddy is one of the sweetest little dogs that I have met, and I can easily understand the temptation to pick him up and hold him all day long! He would play ball all day long in the home if given the chance, which is often not conducive to a settled night-time experience. As the vast majority of visits start in the home, I could begin to see that Bima was quite an attention seeker with her caring owner and that her efforts of standing up on her owner's knees were rewarded with a pat on her head, kind words and eye contact. So if you need a dog trainer for One to One Puppy Training we can help – anywhere in the UK. The lady owner has a 20-month-old baby and would walk daily with Bima as she followed with the baby in a pushchair. Being a full-time dog behaviourist keeps me on the road and in front of dogs and their owners with behavioural problems on a daily basis. Very gradual changes for the dog and owner, making the emotional withdrawal easier to handle.2. Dramatic change does not mean that we lose sight of the welfare of the dog. I appreciate that people experiencing problems with their dogs can initially feel stressed and uncomfortable. Stopping little Bima from running about the park and controlling various situations as she saw fit, was no longer an option and this alone will enable her owner to make big strides towards creating a calmer dog that is much easier to manage into the future. New Puppy Consultation . Moray Dog Behaviourist and Trainer. I spent two days with Bima and her owner and we looked at two main areas that have an impact upon her life: The behaviours she exhibits indoors and those that she exhibits outdoors. I only use kind, non-forceful methods, working closely with the owner in their home and with the vet practice where the dog is registered. Follow up visits; £50 per hour*. I completely avoided interactions with Bima, so as not to create further concerns to be dealt with during the visit and she was content to ignore me also. My combination of experience, skills and up to date knowledge makes me ideally suited to help you resolve your dog behaviour problems or to be your dog expert witness to support you and your dog through the legal process for the best possible outcome. Sessions can be done at a secure place where there are no other dogs or a place of your choosing, with personalised plans to fit your dogs needs and your lifestyle. A rather bold heading, but through the remaining afternoon and evening after my visit, Teddy’s owners maintained the above measures that we went through in detail together and experienced their first decent night’s sleep for months. Our You Tube Channel To find out more about her work and how she can help you with any problems you may be experiencing with your dog please follow the link below to access her main website. At the same time as repairing their unacceptable behaviours, he builds a connection with your dog after only spending a … Throughout the two visits, we put in place new control measures to stop Bima from freely being able to charge to points in the home and bark, along with new measures to reset Bima’s expectations in terms of what access she had to various places in the home. At the point of responding, I also check whether you have pet health insurance as this may cover the cost of the consultation with me. In most dog behaviour modification cases, I come to see you in your home twice and each visit can last between 3-4 hours, depending on the depth of the behaviours presented to me.