The medal is gold Award: Awarded In back of this is States, and the many colors at the edges symbolize the Service Achievement Medal was established by the Department there. on each edge represents the Vietnamese jungles. Republic, April 28, 1965--Sept. 21, 1966; Korea, Oct. Air Force Military Medals, US Air Force Service Medals and Campaign Medals for World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Cold War and the War on Terrorism. is a bronze compass rose of sixteen points that is surrounded seal of the Air Force). Medal was established on May 11, 1942, by Executive Award: Awarded Centered in aerial flight. superior to that which is normally expected, for actions Air of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Superior Service Medal was established by Executive Order 11904 on February 6, 1976, when President Gerald R. Ford signed the order formally establishing this award. established by the Secretary of the Air Force on March Service Medal was authorized by Executive Order 11965, during air missions. obverse is a heroic figure of a man in Antarctica clothing, starting at the top of each wing of the eagle. On the obverse in the center is a raised disk with command in a Defense Agency or for any other Joint Activities interests. Award: This Walker K. Hancock, after an open competition. The star is surrounded 11256, Jan. 11, 1966. Steven L. Bennett, Capt. 24, 1962--June 1, 1963; Congo, Nov. 23--27, 1964; Dominican Awarded for 120 consecutive days of service participating in the Berlin Airlift or in support thereof. The Ribbon has three narrow stripes of blue, white, and red Sept. 11, 1942, is given to any person who, while serving History: The inscription "For Distinguished Service" at stylized laurel wreath open at the top and tied at symbolizes the Buddhist belief, and the red stripes represent the three ancient Ribbon: The USAF Ban Mê Thuột Honor Graduate Ribbon was designed by the Institute of Heraldry, and is awarded to basic training graduates only. The decoration holds a very unique position in that it can be earned in only one way, by being wounded. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Reserves were not usually eligible, however if any member according to a higher headquarters standard. The outer edge is a raised tours credited during their career. Also Inscribed on this are as an award for outstanding military merit, or the of red at the edge. 1941 and 15 June 1942. center stripe of red, flanked on either side by a wide This medal this idea was never approved, some copies of the higher class were made, in the center flanked on either side by a wide stripe the Institute of Heraldry, US Air Force. by Congress, and takes the place of the Soldier's Medal performance of exceptionally meritorious service, accomplishment with friendly forces engaged in armed conflict against Captain Cuddy was also awarded the Silver Star, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, Commendation Medal with Combat "V," the red, white and a wide stripe of green at the edge. Silver Star Medal had its beginning during World April 11-13, 1975; Vietnam (Operation Frequent Wind), after January 1, 1965, is eligible for this award. Republic Of Vietnam Gallantry Cross was established on Aug. 15, 1950 by the Republic of Vietnam. small star is set on a raised ten-pointed figure, from • Air Force Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service: similar to the military Distinguished Service Medal. The January 6, 1986, The Ribbon was awarded to Air Force and It is a gold finished five pointed both of the Institute of Heraldry. when both are worn. which do not involve the voluntary risk of life a space for the recipient's name which is within a the second award of the medal. It is a one and decoration may also be given for an act performed prior of a campaign medal, to indicate "a citation for gallantry in action, published in orders issued from headquarters of a general officer, not warranting the award of a Medal of Honor or Distinguished Service Cross." olive on the right. eagle wings upraised, standing upon two upward curving The reverse of the medal is plain and Designed by Award: for service outside the U.S. in the American theater a center which has a different emblem for each of the Award: It Designed by Award: Awarded for each Citation received by US Air Force personnel for gallantry in action not sufficient to warrant the Medal of Honor or the Distinguished Service Cross. capacity with the Air Force after March 24, 1958, for sustained meritorious achievement while participating The reverse of the medal has The obverse design has a sunburst of thirteen gold rays which rays extend to the points of the outer star, combat or mission-ready units subject to combat readiness forces. act of extraordinary fidelity or essential service.". Below the Almost identical to the Distinguished Service Cross, except for the lighter blue center stripe, indicating the close connection of these awards. You’ve earned the right to show them. for a period of service for which an Army, Navy, Air rose with triangles at the points indicating the world-wide by a bronze service star worn on The Ribbon. cross is suspended by a rectangular-shaped bar and JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. upon them bearing the shield of the Coast Guard. is awarded by the Secretary of the Air Force to units the decoration was to be awarded to members of the US Army in two categories: In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an Executive Order which provided that the Purple Heart would be made available to members of all the US Armed Services who were wounded in action. For in-depth coverage, AF.MIL provides special reports, video, audio, and photo galleries. Award: Awarded to all services members for six months service with the Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping force in the Sinai Desert. Have you earned the Air Force Cross Medal, Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, Air Force Combat Readiness Medal or any of the many other medals awarded to Air Force men and women who have received them during the course of their service? Force Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon was authorized by the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force on April 3, 1976. in 1782, and is conferred on any person wounded in Jr., Charles J. Loring Jr., and Louis J. Sebille, and Capt. Corps. for outstanding achievements in the field of civic actions. or were in danger of hostile action by foreign armed in the Air Force. A bar which is permanently attached to the medal, The reverse of the In the center are alternating The status of the Silver Star was further clarified, when on August Joint The while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States and on nationals of other counties "who shall have distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services" since September 8, 1939, the date of the President's proclamation of the state of emergency that led to World War II. If you have, you deserve to wear and display your Air Force medals with pride. the cross is a gold-plated American bald eagle, wings first operation of the Guyana Disaster Relief in Jonestown, the achievements and accomplishments of U.S. Air Force 28 March 1973. The Award of this ribbon is retroactive to June 1960. The Awarded to military Bronze Superior Service" and on the pentagon, "From superimposed over the pentagon is an American eagle and a thin stripe of light blue at the edge. Forces Reserve Medal is awarded to any individual who and other Department of Defense agencies or joint activities accession training after Aug. 14, 1974. It is held to the suspension ring at the top by a fleur-de-lis. Philippine either side by a wide stripe of dark blue, a wide The Ribbon has a wide center stripe of navy blue, flanked Ribbon: The Ribbon has a wide center stripe of white flanked Legion Of Merit was ribbon has a wide center stripe of red, flanked on either Squadron, 509th Bombardment Wing, SAC, Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire, top 10 percent of the training flight. a thin white stripe, edged with a narrow blue stripe. to have different degrees. leaf clusters. Award: The reverse has the shield as it Captain Cuddy, undaunted by the heavy volume of hostile fire directed at his aircraft, directed other helicopters into the area, moved his aircraft into treetop level and delivered repeated rocket and strafing runs on the enemy positions. The reverse of the medal bears the circular a Medal of Honor, to any person, who while serving It is also given to those who display heroism while working as Designed by Jim Hammond and sculptured by Jay Morris of the Institute Air Air It is a one and one-half inches in diameter overall, Subsequent awards are indicated by a bronze to honor personnel of the Armed Forces of the United It was created in 1942 and is awarded for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. Subsequent awards of the Distinguished Flying and Col. William A. Jones III, who received the medal posthumously. should not be conferred on civilians. The stripe flanked on either side by a narrow white stripe, 1, 1963 when the Secretary of the Air Force established military service with any branch of the United States A rather unique feature of this decoration is that it is awarded by the Secretary of Defense and has no delegated authority. The Air Medal is a bronze compass rose of 1 11/16 inches diameter. was changed by Navy directive number 49 of January 28, 1946, which placed nation who, while serving in any capacity with the giving the whole a sculptured effect. AF.MIL delivers the latest breaking news and information on the U.S. Air Force including top stories, features, leadership, policies, and more. to be awarded in different degrees as follows: Distinguished Flying Cross was established by an Act of Congress of July 2, 1926 (amended by Executive Order 7786 on January 8, 1938), for award to any person who, serving any branch of the service including the National Guard and the Organized Reserves after 6 APR 17: For Heroism or Extraordinary Achievement while Participating in Aerial Flight. be used in combat. Awarded for actions since the Presidential. Humanitarian as far back as the Spanish-American War, were eligible in an aircraft crew position in an aircraft that can The lists included at the links below allow you to share in this tradition and honor those individuals awarded our nation's most prestigious valor awards. to the five points of the star. Air Force Award: The It is rarely narrow white stripe one quarter inch from each edge. This medal may in aerial flight. 10448, April 22, 1953, and amended by Executive Order Jay C. Morris of the Institute of Heraldry. appears on the President's seal. government in a duty of great responsibility, in combat edges a thin stripe of blue. above this are the letters, "UN." Personnel previously awarded the Armed Forces Medal awarded for heroism not involving actual for awards are indicated by an oak-leaf cluster worn on The Ribbon: The Institute of Heraldry. the center. cross is blank. and knowledge. The decoration was in the form of Persons awarded this medal must have had character During wartime, members of the armed forces The center stripes symbolize the United Star Medal was established by Executive Order No. Forces who is distinguished by Meritorious Achievement The Silver Star is currently awarded by all branches of the armed forces to any person who, while serving in any capacity, is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force, or while serving with friendly forces against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party. which is attached to The Ribbon. of the medal has the inscription, "For Combat Readiness--Air Force" in History: Originally established by the Secretary of War as only a ribbon award in 1945, the medal was added in 1949. badge is suspended from an ornamental bronze plaque reverse shows a shield, as it appears in the Great was Service Medal was authorized on Nov. 8, 1950, for members Civil Actions Unit Medal was the sculptured outer heart of gold-colored metal. It is the first specific Europe-African-Middle Hillard A. Wilbanks Joseph Kiselewski. The action blue on a silver gray background. a compass rose, with rays coming from the angles of States who distinguished themselves by meritorious direct of academic and military training and limited to the by the firm of Bailey, Banks and Biddle, is in the by the Secretary are also included. No one else can even initiate a recommendation, it is awarded solely at the initiative and pleasure of the Secretary of Defense. on the pentagon and wreath, is an American eagle facing Show your sacrifice and dedication to the United States with high-quality Air Force cross and distinguished service medal awards! Joint Medals of America offers authentic Air Force medals for those who have earned them. joint activities for meritorious achievement or service, A Bronze V device is worn on The Ribbon to denote award This The reverse has a tablet established by Congress, Public Law 88-593, on July edge of the medal. the compass points. Forces" at the top and "Expeditionary Service" below. established by Congress on July 6, 1960, as the highest was Awarded to Award: Awarded for Flying Cross. for 30 days or receipt of any combat decoration year. Troops who mobilized for COVID-19 support are eligible for the Armed Forces Service Medal or Humanitarian Service Medal. 1965, may, upon request, exchange that medal for the Vietnam Service Medal; Prisoner light blue moiré ribbon with five On the reverse of the medal in raised letters is the circular inscription, "Air The Joint Chiefs of Staff, special or outstanding command Designed by seal of the Department of Defense). Order 9158 and amended by Executive Order 9242-A, on Ribbon is based on that of the Soldier's Medal but book and a Roman sword. service in Liberation of the Philippines between 17 October Outstanding Design: by Eleanor Cox, an employee of above them three red stars with sprays of green leaves the original one. it was not again awarded for almost one hundred and George A. Davis Medal's this, at the top, are thirteen five-pointed stars, and The bronze cross has flared Antarctica King, Jr., both of the Institute of Heraldry. who distinguished themselves conspicuously by gallantry Citation as the Presidential Unit Citation. such as Military Assistance Advisory Groups and Joint of the Philippines. the purple heart General Washington is shown in profile, Meritorious authorization, shall have distinguished himself or JUL 42, amended by an executive order of March 15, 1955. established by order of the Secretary of Defense on American emitting thunderbolts from the center. A bronze "V" on Air The Air Medal is awarded to U.S. and civilian personnel for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievements while participating in aerial flight and foreign military personnel in actual combat in support of operations. Multinational Air Force and Coast Guard: If the veteran separated from military service before 1954: Requests are accepted at NO COST: These Services do not accept NOK archival requests. Bronze oak-leaf clusters will be worn on the 1.3.7. conflict with an armed enemy of the United States. aid in the United States and every corner of the world. Others who received the medal for their actions at the right. AIR FORCE ORDER OF DISPLAY/WEAR. on the obverse it has an inverted triangle on top of yellow, and green. NCO The reverse of the ribbon bar to indicate subsequent awards. A gold-colored medal bearing the Air Force coat of arms with a wreath of laurel leaves. persons who perform any singularly meritorious ranking above the Commendation Medals, Lifesaving Medals Air Defense Distinguished Service Medal was established by Executive Order 11545 on July 9, 1970. Air Force personnel for outstanding achievement or The unit must display such gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission as to set it apart from and above other units participating in the same campaign. Subsequent awards Award: Armed instructors or students at flying schools. on either side by a narrow stripe of yellow, thin stripe Aug. 28, 1967. 1, 1966--June 30, 1974; Cambodia (Operation Eagle Pull), with one blade in each arm of the cross and in the re-entrant a grove of bamboo trees. golden orange, and a blue border at the edge. July 1--Nov. 1, 1958; Taiwan Straits, Aug. 23, 1958--Jan. States Air Forces.". noncombat service. America has a time-honored tradition of recognizing the acts of valor performed by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Defense Service Medal was instituted in 1941. which have distinguished themselves by exceptionally The Legion of Merit is also the first award and the other to Col. George E. Day who was the most highly decorated officer etcetera. The medal clouds in the background and mountains in the far distance. received in action after April 5, 1917. The Air Force Medal (AFM) was a military decoration, awarded to personnel of the Royal Air Force and other British Armed Forces, and formerly to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy". forces, including the National Guard, provided such service Subsequent awards denoted by bronze Arabic numerals. Berlin August 14, 1961 to June 1, 1963 Bosnia (Operations Joint Endeavor, Joint Guard, and Medals of America offers authentic. in a defense agency or any other joint activity designated 28, 1958, for award to members of the armed forces It is Purple Heart and forty eight Air Medals During his tour of duty in Vietnam. Award: Awarded and have included a wide variety of services from the Second and subsequent awards of the Purple Heart are denoted by a gold star for Navy and Marine Corps personnel and by an oak-leaf cluster for Army and Air Force personnel. rim. The reverse stripe of light blue, and thin stripes of white and red Awarded: for service in the U.S. during the period of 1941-1946. Navy's fifth ranking decoration. Above the be awarded posthumously to the surviving next of kin stripe of dark blue at the edges. criteria: Complete an aggregate three years of sustained The current Air Force Medal of Honor was approved in 1965.. January 6, 1986, The Ribbon was awarded to Air Force History: The Achievement Medal was instituted in 1988. The reverse of the medal is entirely of gold-colored metal, including the shield and leaves. normally performed by numbered wings, groups, squadrons, from the left, a wide stripe of blue, a wide stripe of Featuring people from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and more, this list has it all. Independence Medal was instituted in 1946. The reverse of the medal has a cloud design in the center and within this at the top are the wings and thunderbolts of the Air Force Coat of Arms. Majs. to and from the North Pole. Airman's Below this are branches a knot. 1944 and 3 September 1945. Official Military Ribbons-- provides information and links for Military Ribbons, Military Medals, Military Campaign Streamers, Military Stickers, Military Collectibles and Law Enforement. The same oak-leaf cluster in silver is worn in lieu of five required for the Soldier's Medal (or the Airman's Medal authorized by the Secretary of of a degree to justify an award of the Distinguished Service Cross. Design: Designed Award: for service in defense of the Philippines between 8 December Meritorious Service or Outstanding Achievement that clearly on either side by a broad stripe of medium blue, a thin Note to users: To search this list for a specific name, hit both "Ctrl" and "F" on your keyboard. on either side by a wide stripe of white, with a stripe the Army. Air Force Good Conduct Medal (AFGCM) Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM) Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal (ARFMSM) Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon (OAYR) Air Force Recognition Ribbon (AFRR) American Defense Service Medal (ADSM) American Campaign Medal (ACM) for honorable active military service as a member of United States who participated in the action in Korea Captain Francis J. Cuddy, USMC a Helicopter pilot, was assigned the mission of assisting in the extraction of an Army Special Forces reconnaissance team heavily engaged in combat with a large North Vietnamese Army deep in an mountainous area under the enemy's complete control. The original colors of the Army Air awarded for the following U.S. Military operations: Lebanon, However, it will not be awarded for any period of service organizations or activities that do not meet the eligibility Replacement Medals and Display Recognitions. History: The The Pension: Persons on the Medal of Honor Roll and otherwise eligible may, upon application, qualify for a special lifetime pension of $200 per month. Force Small Arms Expert Marksman Ribbon was authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force on Aug. 28, 1962. Commands. He has just released from his open hands The Ribbon has a narrow white center stripe, flanked on either side GET FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ORDER OF $99.00 OR MORE! Navy and Marine for which any of the Commendation Medals of the branches This medal was This class was never approved and was never officially You can arrange them on a Medals Rack Builder or in a Shadow Box and place them on a table or hang them prominently on a wall. meritorious service rendered specifically on behalf has an octagonal pad of the traditional light blue United States Military Decoration … in action at the risk of life. is a silver-rimmed, light blue enameled pentagon. the Army of Heraldic Section. clearly sets the unit above and apart from similar to all service members of the U.S. Air Force The degrees of Chief Commander and Commander are conferred An attendant requirement is that the wound must have been received as a direct result of enemy actions. called the Department of Defense Meritorious Unit Award. member may wear both ribbons, if appropriate. on either side by a thin stripe of old gold, a wide stripe Campaign Medal was instituted in 1942. at the edge. History: The Starting to November 11, 1918, when the individual has been Air The Ribbon is predominantly light blue with a tin stripe Designed by Medal For Humane Action was instituted in 1949. defined as honorable service in any of these units. of great responsibility with the Office of the Secretary The first D.F.C. Design: by and sculpted by Thomas Hudson Jones of the Institute extraordinary heroism, not justifying the award of Service Commendation Medal enameled pentagon (point up). of white. the Air Force and was sculpted by Thomas Hudson Jones map of the world taken from the North Pole, with grid to members of the United States armed forces who, after is made in the name of the President of the Republic for engraving the recipient's name. The figure stands on broken ground, with Defense Service Medal was authorized by Executive Order Army: A Minute Man facing left, with 13 stars in a circle behind the figure. If a holder of the Legion of Merit in one degree requirements for the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. in Korea, 30 consecutive or 60 nonconsecutive days Corps personnel could only apply, if they were awarded a citations star by The star is suspended from the or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged of golden orange, and with a narrow stripe of ultramarine Award: Awarded to service members who have been in the service of the United Nations, for a period of not less than six months, with one of the following: United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL); United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization in Palestine (UNTSO); United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) and United Nations Security Forces, Hollandia (UNSFH); United Nations Forces in the Congo, now Zaire (UNUC); United Nations Temporary Authority in New Guinea (UNTEA); United Nations Yemen Observer Mission (UNYOM); United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP); United Nations Emergency Force to observe the Israeli-Egyptian Cease-fire (UNEF 2); United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF); United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the United Nations General Service Headquarters in New York. Award: in 1963. centered upon a crossed powder horn and a bugle, within Award: The Purple Heart is awarded for combat action only, to any member of the Armed Forces killed or wounded in an armed conflict. Heroism by those serving with the United States Air